Clapping after landing, the garbage is simply to throw to the ground, snoring: There are many unpleasant things that happen in the plane, although they are basically very simple forms of decency.

Bettina Rittberger works for the Deutsche Lufthansa AG and has already said some time ago on the plane manners to the editors, how passengers should behave. Your answers are still up to date.

1. Garbage

According to Lufthansa spokesperson for everyone who is flying should be borne in mind,: “One travels in a very small space. From a consideration of the accompanying guests should leave passengers with no waste.” Before landing, had to finally collect the Crew, the rest of the waste, the passengers left behind.

“A tidy seat also has the advantage that personal items not be overlooked when getting off the plane,” said Rittberger.

2. Shoes

traveling is usually a lot of hours on the road, as you come to sweat. Especially on long flights, many passengers have, therefore, the understandable need to take off their shoes.

tip of Bettina Rittberger: “A second Pair of socks will take in the hand Luggage. This not only helps against any odors, but also against possible ‘cold feet’ due to the air conditioning.”

3. Snoring

“Our goal is to make our guests travel as comfortably as possible,” said Rittberger. On night flights would be distributed in addition to pillows and Blankets, to allow passengers a restful night’s sleep. “Snoring can be a disturbing factor, however, there is only on flights.”

4. Clap

applaud After the successful landing, the pilot – is that an appreciation of the work, or rather, an insult for the on-Board Crew? About the ghosts. Clapping after landing is generally become rather rare, so Rittberger. “If it happens, then as a thank-you, for example, for particularly good Service.” The will seen by the Crew and the pilots as a very nice compliment.

5. Call volume

It was a matter of courtesy to fellow passengers, talking in a hushed volume, says a Lufthansa spokeswoman. “This is particularly true on night flights.”

6. Queue

The Situation is that the guests have to queue for a short time, especially when Boarding the flight. Here Berger is, according to rode: “families with children first go to store to give you more time in your hand Luggage.”

Push to the front make no sense at all, since each passenger had a reserved seat. “This can be selected in the 23 hours prior to flight departure and the boarding card to be created. This also applies to the Luggage. So the holiday can begin relaxed.”

7. Arm and seat

tip of Bettina Rittberger: The accompanying appeal and questions whether he feels disturbed. Who, from the outset, more Seating space and wishes, can register for a fee, for example, in the Premium Class.

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