Accused Zelensky

Photo: TASS/Sven Hoppe/DPA

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky promised to punish the organizers of the riots in the village of Poltava, where the locals threw stones at the bus with evacuees from China Ukrainians.

“We know that someone is knowingly and specifically sown among the people panic, and then incited to this savagery. The masterminds and perpetrators will be held accountable”, – quotes RIA Novosti words of the Ukrainian leader.

Zelensky also said the threat to human findings, but to elaborate on possible layoffs did not. He also rebuked the doctors who evacuated the Ukrainians, in disregard of the Hippocratic oath.

“the Known world “virologists in tracksuits” deliberately and specifically sown among the people panic,” said the President.

the Head of Ukraine considered the situation with the coronavirus, and the return of citizens to their homeland from China the next examination for the society.

on Thursday, the Ukrainian authorities have made the evacuation of citizens from the Chinese Wuhan, where there was an outbreak of the coronavirus. Of the source of infection brought 73 people, including 45 of the Ukrainians.

All of them the bus was taken to quarantine in New Sanzhary in the Poltava region, which led to unrest among local residents who opposed the location of the infected citizens in the village. As a result of the protests injured 9 policemen.

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