The nonprofit organization will hold for Muscovites lessons of kindness

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

world day of non-profit organizations is celebrated on February 27. In Moscow from the 25th to the 28th will be a four-day program, dedicated to this holiday, reports portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

it is Noted that the events will be dedicated to people doing good deeds.

“We are waiting for more than 150 events: meetings with donors, workshops and open days in various NGO’s, acquaintance with social projects of the city and the opportunity to participate as a volunteer. To do good works by anyone – the profession and age does not matter here”, – said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina.

She said that in the capital there are more than 6 thousands of socially-oriented NGOs that support children with disabilities, orphans and the needy and large families. In addition, employees of organizations concerned about the environment and homeless animals and preserve cultural heritage.

In honor of the holiday is a special program. So, on Tuesday, February 25 exercise “Score a goal champion”, in which participants will play roller hockey and learn about how famous athletes preparing for the performances.

citizens are invited to participate in the project “Collect package the mother.” Products, hygiene products and clothing will be sent to the regions for pregnant women in difficult situations.

in addition, for low-income families prepare tours and organise circles for reading, math, art and sculpting.

26 February the fair exchange, where participants will receive Souvenirs from the organizers instead of diapers, clothes and stationery for children in the baby house.

Open classes for self-defence will be held in the Federation of Taekwondo South. Charitable Foundation “Cotolette” organizes interactive lesson of kindness, which will talk about the homeless animals.

the next day the all-Russian Federation of break-dance will hold an open lesson of dance for children from five years and adolescents and in teaching and dog training center “Dogs helpers disabled” will be open classes.

Also in the Days of NCB capital, the students will be able to communicate with the Trustees of large charities, including famous actors, musicians and TV presenters.

on the last day of events scheduled presentation of the social project “Mom’s working”. This course is for mothers who are in holiday on care of children. In the framework of women will attend training courses and receive psychological support. Also, they will assist in job search.

in addition, February 28th will be presented to the centre for the development of ecotourism “cedar trail”. There visitors will learn about the beneficial properties of cedar, the peculiarities of its growth and the rules of care, and take part in a master class on planting trees.

Previously, scientists have said, what event has prepared the Metropolitan centers of social service on Shrove Tuesday. In particular, citizens were invited to lecture on holiday traditions, and master classes and festive celebrations.

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