ADS: how to shoot under water machine Russian combat divers

Weapons 17/02/20 the press service of the NPO high-Precision complexions: how to shoot under water machine Russian combat divers

This weapon is equally effective in two environments – on land and under water. The advantages and features of the machine dvuhsvetnoe special (this is what the acronym stands for ADS), taken into service in the Russian army, they say military experts.

What is it good

According to the head of the holding “Precision technology” Nikolay Komarov, this machine is designed for special units of the Russian Navy are also very interested in foreign buyers. From ADS that use standard cartridges of caliber 5,45 and “underwater”, the best shooting accuracy than the latest models of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, and when firing in both environments. Design dvuhsvetnoe automatic weapons involves the installation of a grenade launcher (ammunition – 40 mm grenade VOG-25).

the ADS are compact, upon firing the spent cartridges are ejected as the left and right (this process is regulated), which is convenient for left-handers. Military historian Dmitry Boltenkov believes that ADS the best combination of length and weight (4.5 kg to almost 60 santimetrov machine).

First in world

the uniqueness of the ADS, first shown 5 years ago, confirmed by Russian weapons designer Konstantin Remizov – he noted that Russian gunsmiths created the first automatic weapon, and is equally effective on land and under water. Unlike the previous “underwater” Russian machine APS, ammo ADS suited to the horn “Kalashnikov”, firing in the underwater environment (both single and bursts) is ensured by the special design of the cartridge bullet.

to translate the firing mode ADS on ground, it is enough to otselot the store to insert a new horn with the other patrons and to change the position of the translator fire. Sighting range of shootings this machine is almost the same as in the AK – an average of half a kilometer. The grenade launcher and machine separate triggers, have the ability to install a red-dot or optical sights, apparatus for low-noise firing, tactical lights and laser target designators also attached to its hull.

External fuses ADS to protect it from exposure to water. As noted by Konstantin Remizov, protection of the machine against aggressive marine environment is provided by a special coating that prevents the corrosion of the housing of the weapon.


25 meters — according to diving instructor Valeria Mukhina, this distance can be considered optimal for combat divers using ADS: sea water at depth is most often too muddy, and visibility there are relatively small – more than 25 metres commando just do not really make out. In addition, the immersion depth of the submarine affects the efficiency of fire by increasing its dispersion, this process is affected by pressure. According to the published characteristics on a five-meter deep shooter ADS confidently hits the target, the remote 20 meters, dive at 20-m depth reduces the distance for precise shooting on 2 meters.

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