In Scandinavia seem to know the people, as happiness goes. 2017 Norway was the happiest country in the world, for 2019 named in the world happiness report as early as 2018 Finland again the winner. Of course, this makes us happy for the Finns, but the whole world can’t pull out now there, in order to be happy. The have in mind the Finns, probably, and decided to share your happiness – by showing us how it’s done. For their happiness-Export, you have devised a program in which everyone can participate, “Rent-a-Finn” is the name of it. Eight Finns have declared their willingness for this project, the guests and to convey to you how you, too, will be happy. Directly in front of the place. The first step to get there is simple: You make a kind of inventory of your own happiness through a linked Test. The result shows whether you really need urgent relaxation.

The Finns stand in front of

So much can be revealed: The key to happiness is for the Finns in contact with nature. Esko, for example, one of the eight Finnish host name and is mayor of the city of Rovaniemi in Lapland. He invites his visitors in his cottage, to enjoy with you the pleasures of a Finnish summer. These include things like berry picking, grilling, boat skill game that will be played under the open sky and a few rounds of Mölkky, a Finnish.

A little different from the happiness-lessons from Linda and Niko, on the island of Utö on the southern edge of the archipelago area off the coast of life. You lead your visitors in the simple life on an island with a group of friendly neighbors care for each other, surrounded by harsh, beautiful nature.

And, these two Profiles are already? Then it goes on as follows: Each interested party must, describes a three-minute Video, in which he describes himself and his own connection to nature and his expectations of the Finland visit. The winners travel in the summer for three days to Finland, the dates vary depending on the host. Travel and accommodation the only catch be transferred to cost, is filmed during his visit. Makes nothing? Then go here to the application form. Good Luck!

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