Alexander Fadin: the best tank of the red Army

Heroes 29/02/20 Alexander Fadin: the best tank of the red Army

One of the heroes of the great Patriotic war was the native of Nizhny Novgorod region Alexander Fadin.

He, like many of his peers, he went to the military enlistment office at the beginning of the war, and took credit for extra years. But in front of young recruits, came only in 1943. The first recruits were trained: worked on motorcycles, cars and then tanks. On the battlefields of Alexander Fadin is famous as one of the best tankers. On account of his destroyed enemy tanks, guns, equipment, infantry and even aircraft!

the Battle of the Dnieper

Fadin appeared during the Kiev offensive. 3 November 1943 preparations began for the capture of Kiev. Destroying on the way the Germans and their equipment, the crew of Alexander Fadina, together with the battalion reached the outskirts of the town.

on the Morning of 5 November, formed in line of battle, Soviet tanks went on the attack. Soon was repulsed the southern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. And after a few hours, turned to flight the armies of the enemy and inciting the path of German self-propelled guns, tank crews went on Khreshchatyk.

Tank Fadina was one of the first, which captured Kiev and made our way to the city centre. For the capture of the Ukrainian capital included first in the city, Russian soldiers were presented the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Hunting the Tiger

Making your way to the West, Soviet tanks liberated occupied village. 27 Dec tank brigade acted in the direction of Kamennyy Brod in Zhytomyr region. In the head of the column was Fadin tank.

in the morning a column of our tanks, taking over a German tank, a piece of stone, fired her and found myself. Against several Soviet left more than 20 enemy tanks, among which was the famous “Tigers” and “Panthers”.

Fadin took a desperate decision to fight alone with a pair of tens iteckig tanks. He ordered the driver to divert the car away to the river to beat the enemy from the fold. But to remain unnoticed failed. The way the tank is Fadin received slight damage from a shell fired from a Tiger. Luckily, the shot only the edge touched the car. Beating the German squad and faced with quite a serious opponent, the commander of the crew decided to retreat back to the Stone Ford. At this point, German tanks advanced to the attack.

In this battle, the Soviet forces lost large part of its equipment. Meanwhile, the tank Fadina again overtook a convoy of Nazis, hiding behind one of the sheds, precise shot knocked one of the “Tigers”. Realizing that he had received a serious repulse, the enemy hastily retreated, leaving on the field four wrecked cars.

One against the army

But the most productive battle and a major feat of Alexander Fadin was the defeat of the German army near the village of dashukivka.

the task set by the command, was simple. A large group of Germans were surrounded and tried to escape from the boiler. Not to give them to do, the only escape routes put the tank brigade, by that time consisting of one machine Fadina. For amplification he was given a reconnaissance platoon and double the ammo – 150 rounds instead of 75.

supported by tanks, Soviet soldiers stormed into the village. The enemy suffered heavy losses, leaving the battlefield of dead soldiers and broken equipment. Taking up a position which was exposed to fire road leading to the village, the crew is Fadin masked the car and stood waiting column of German engineering.

the Column went at night. Accurate shots, focusing on the headlights, Fadin immobilize the head and closing the machine, blocking the movement of others. In attempts to disperse, the technique the Germans stuck in the mud, becoming a target for the Soviet tank, the eyeballs loaded ammunition.

on the Morning of February 19, Fadin saw on the hill, not hiding, came a group of German officers who began in binoculars to look out for, where there are forces who would not let them pass. By the time the crew left only one and a half dozen shells.

Noticing on the lapel of one of the officers of the Fox fur is a sign of high army authorities, Alexander gave them direct fire of high-explosive shells, destroying all at once. And then there was something in the history of the great Patriotic war was not, either before or after. Above the village, in which dwelt the Germans were Italian aircraft, which began to dump supplies. Throwing off the first container, he went on the second run.

“He flew right over the road where stood the poles, the distance between them is 50 meters. This helped to estimate his speed, I calculated the distance, took a pre-emption… a Volley! And the flaming car flies to the ground,” recalled Fadin.

But supporting the Germans came “Ferdinand” and “Tiger”. Leaping from behind cover, Fadin practically a forehead in a forehead has faced with heavy German tanks. The command “Charge!” followed immediately – and now “Tiger” is on fire, and the German infantry scattered in panic, amazed at the prowess of a Soviet tank.

But a few minutes later the rest of the Germans Ferdinand shot first, he gave 34-ke three volleys. In a battle with him the crew of the lost charging, and the Fadin with the radio operator and the driver barely managed to escape. Shell-shocked when they dragged a wounded comrade on the field, he saw finally comes the long-awaited help. The order was made.

After the war

Fadina once again presented the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and the brigade commander awarded him the chrome boots that he recently received from his superiors. Unfortunately, the Star of Hero of the Soviet Union he had not been given. But later, after the Restructuring, he received the Hero of Russia Star. After spending some time in the hospital, Fadin came to Austria, where she met Win. After he served in the Military Academy of armored troops and even prepared tank in Syria.

10 Nov 2011 a famous tank commander, Hero of Russia and a decorated died. He was buried in Moscow on Troekurov cemetery.

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