What the generals and Stalin have become traitors in the Great Patriotic

History 29/02/20 What the generals and Stalin have become traitors in the Great Patriotic

world war II forced humankind to go through a terrible ordeal. Tens of millions of people died, millions were captured. Among them were civilians, ordinary soldiers, and generals. Someone was wounded and captured by the enemy in a helpless state, and someone surrendered himself to fight on the side of the enemy, someone fainthearted. Traitors were at all times, and this war was no exception. Here are the stories of a few of them.

Andrei Vlasov

the First General list of the most famous traitors, know about it or have heard it all, although Vlasov’s biography is shrouded in mystery, myths and fantasies, a mixture of propaganda with reality.

Here’s what we know about him today. In 1919, Vlasov turned 18 and he was drafted into the Red Army straight from College (went to the agronomist). After graduating from the four-month courses, became a platoon commander and was sent to fight on the southern front. Then was the Northern Tavria and the battles with the troops of Wrangel. Then, in 1920, as commander of foot and mounted reconnaissance participated in the liquidation of the Makhnovists. Later, starting from 1922, he held command and staff positions, taught. In 1930 — member of the CPSU(b), in 1935 — student of the Military Academy. Frunze. After graduating, he became commander of the regiment, a year later — in 1938-m —assistant division commander. In the same year, the group of advisers sent to China. Before returning home has received from the hands of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the order of the Golden Dragon (which for some reason in the USSR it took), and finally, in 1940, he became commander of the 99th infantry division, which brought in a perfect state, for which the latter was awarded the challenge Red Banner and recognized as best in the Kiev military district (Timoshenko claimed that she is the best in the red Army). On — awards, article in “red Star” — in General, the standard picture of the brilliant career of a talented military leader.

Less than six months before the beginning of the great Patriotic war he took command of the 4th mechanized corps, was awarded the order of Lenin. For competent actions in the beginning of the war he received a commendation and, on the recommendation of Khrushchev, was appointed as commander of the 37th army, defending Kiev. Subsequently, when you exit entourage was wounded, got to the hospital.

In November 1941 by order of Stalin Vlasov formed the 20th army, which a month later was stopped part of the 4th Panzer army of the Wehrmacht, chased them, overcoming enormous resistance from Volokolamsk and Solnechnogorsk, and on the 13th of December, 1941 “Pravda” and “Izvestia” published the message of the Soviet information Bureau about repelling the Germans from Moscow and pictures of distinguished commanders, among them Vlasov photo, even started to call him the “Savior of Moscow”. At the end of January 1942 for the battle of Moscow Vlasov was awarded the order of the red banner, promoted — now he’s Lieutenant-General, on it is written the book, he was one of Stalin’s favorite commanders, and (attention!) trust him to give interviews to foreign correspondents.

a little more than a month, international women’s day on 8 March, General Vlasov was Deputy commander of the Volkhov front, and at the end of April, leaving the former post commander of the 2nd shock army, which by this time was already in very difficult situation. Army, making a desperate effort tried to escape from the bag, the front command has established a corridor through which came out in small groups of haggard men, but the situation was very difficult.

Here’s what he wrote Vlasov and Zuev (divisional Commissar of the 2nd shock army) to his report in those days: “21 JUNE 1942. 8 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES. THE CHIEF GSCA. FRONT MILITARY COUNCIL. Army troops get three weeks fifty grams of biscuits. The last days of food absolutely was not. Finishing the last of the horses. People are extremely exhausted. There is a group of deathSt from hunger. No ammunition…” (op. CIT. according to the book N. M. Konyaeva, “the Two faces of General Vlasov. Life, destiny, the legend” M.: Veche, 2003).

In late June, Vlasov wanted to evacuate and sent the plane, but he refused to abandon his soldiers and the plane took off without him. Then came the three weeks, which to this day no reliable information. Where was the General? They wandered through the woods, thinking about his fate, holed up in some unknown hiding — witness statements do not give a clear answer, but on 11 July Vlasov and chef Raven is the only person left with him from the whole group went to the village Tohawaii. Here, in the house of the headman gave them to eat and… handed over to local police. For the vigilance of the Germans, the elder generously rewarded: given two bottles of vodka, a diploma, a cow and ten packs of tobacco.

Next was the Vinnitsa military camp for senior officers, agreed to cooperate with the Nazis and the open letter of the General “Why I began the path of struggle against the Bolsheviks.” ROA — “Russian liberation army” filmed and written quite a lot. It is known that, in contrast to his subordinates, the General was not wearing a German uniform, he always wore a simple tunic without insignia, awards and military symbols, and trousers with a General’s stripes.

Before the end of the war, Francisco Franco, wanting to save the General, sent him the plane to get Vlasov to Spain, where he was waiting for political asylum. Vlasov, not wanting to abandon his soldiers, refused the flight.

After a little time, may 12, 1945, the commandant of the American occupation zone proposed to take the General, providing it with documents, but Vlasov and this time refused to leave his subordinates, and went into Czechoslovakia to achieve for them political asylum. Soon, near the city of Pilsen General Vlasov was captured by the soldiers of the 25th tank corps of the 13th army 1-St Ukrainian front, taken to the headquarters of Marshal Konev and sent to Moscow.

July 31, 1946, the trial of Vlasov and his followers endilsya. All of the defendants were found guilty of treason, deprived of their military ranks and on 1 August 1946 executed.

Vassily Malyshkin

In 1918 he joined the Red Army. In civil he commanded a company, in 1919 he joined the CPSU(b). Further studies at the Military Academy, promotion up the ranks. In 1936-1937, the chief of staff of the Transbaikal military district, chief of staff of the 57th special corps in Mongolia. And in 1938 the arrest, charges of anti-Soviet conspiracy and espionage. The court refused the testimony given under torture, the case was sent for further investigation and… in 1939, Malyshkin was released. Two months after the liberation he became a teacher at the Military Academy of the General staff and received the rank of brigade commander. In October 1941 as the chief of staff of the 19th army in the rank of major-General was surrounded at Vyazma and was captured.

In captivity has expressed willingness to cooperate with the Germans, began teaching courses for propagandists. About a year later, the propaganda Department of the Wehrmacht high command met with General Vlasov and became one of his closest aides. Mainly engaged in anti-Soviet and anti-Stalinist propaganda. At the end of the war he was interned by the Americans, in March 1946 transferred to the Soviet command, and five months later the verdict of the court hanged in the courtyard of the Butyrka prison.

Boris Richter

here in the early stages of a typical biography of an honest campaigner. In 1918 voluntarily joined the red army, participated in the Civil war, by the late 1920s he graduated from the Military Academy, was chief of staff of the division, he commanded a rifle regiment. Then the Academy of the General staff, teaching, head of Department. In the summer of 1940 — major-General and chief of staff of the 6th infantry corps of the Kiev special military district. Career was going uphill… but the war intervened.

At the end of June 1941 Richter was captured and the fun began. According to Soviet intelligence, since 1942, was headed by the name of Warsaw Rudaev RASvedska of the Abwehr. This became known when the Soviet Union was captured nearly two dozen agents of the German intelligence service, which was prepared in Warsaw.

In 1943, the Military Collegium of the Supreme court sentenced Richter to capital punishment, but whether it was executed or not, is not known. In the last days of the war the General had disappeared.

* – an organization banned in Russia

Kristina Rudich

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