All the episodes

Photo: courtesy of the organizers.

February 8, Amediateka and “CARO.Art” will be shown on the big screen of the cinema “October” all the episodes of “New Dad”. As part of the marathon will be the Russian premiere of the final series.

the Most provocative project about the inner workings of the Vatican will present and discuss with the audience film critic Vsevolod Korshunov and critic Egor Moskvitin.

In other cinemas “KARO” in Moscow and the regions on the same day will be special screenings of the latest episode.

in order to get on the show, you must purchase a subscription to the online service Amediateka Karofilm on the website and receive the invitation as a gift.

the details of the event and the event schedule are available via the link (a list of other cities and details).

case History

“New Pope” – the sequel of the series Paolo Sorrentino “Young Dad”, where the main role is played by the inimitable Jude law. This time the cast included John Malkovich. The series also appears Sharon stone and Marilyn Manson. Another important addition to the caste – Russian actress Yulia Snigir, who played a woman going through a very difficult family tragedy. Together with her husband, a surgeon (Ulrich Thomsen from the TV series “Banshee”) she has a son with a disability and her story is another reason to talk about the usefulness of faith in a higher power.