The realtor commented on the possible growth of housing prices

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

On the suggestion of the Federation Council that the cost of housing may increase by 25 percent seriously is not necessary to navigate. About this in an interview with Moscow 24 said the Vice-President of the Russian Guild of realtors Oleg Samoilov. According to experts, growth is possible, but not as big.

“From the point of view of the market situation there are no prerequisites to ensure that there was an increase in prices. I understand that implementing a monopolization of the market, but it is not a secret and not news, when he introduced this system, associated with the escrow calculations, it was obvious. But it is unlikely that, even if the process of monopolization is implemented, he’ll go with such wild speed” – explained Samoilov.

the Expert also stressed that the cost of housing is not an abstract figure, and the figure of the proposal, which should cause demand. “Since no appreciable growth of solvent demand is not only there for many years, but not expected, I don’t see any sources from the point of view of demand, which would ensure real turnover of the market for such a strongly growing prices,” he said.

If we assume that the inflationary picture in the Russian economy in the horizon until the end of 2024 will be about the same as it is now, I think that the total housing prices will grow to a maximum of 15 percent.
Oleg Smolowitz-President of the Russian Guild of realtors

Samoilov added that now there is no sense of “escape” for an apartment. “The housing problem people need to solve when, on the one hand, there is a real need, and with another – have the opportunity to provide. Today the real estate market is a good way to protect your assets. This problem occurs regardless of the momentary market dynamics”, – concluded the interlocutor of Moscow 24.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia in the next two years the cost of housing could increase to 25 percent.

Such growth in property prices predicted in the Federation Council. Experts explain this high STAthe PCD on loans for developers and strict requirements to their own capital.

it is Noted that the builders were obliged to have its accounts the amount of 30-40 percent of the project cost. Experts believe that this may lead to increase costs by approximately eight percent.

there is Also added interest costs due to delays of payments done through the Bank. In the result, the direct costs from the developer to reach 23 percent.

in Addition, housing costs may increase because of the withdrawal from the market of medium and small construction companies. Experts believe that the growth in property prices will increase once the company will see a mass exit from the market.

In turn, Vice-Premier Marat Khusnullin noted that no mass is no problem, and those that do are resolved quickly. He explained that the government had worked out the issues with the banks for lending to small projects.

Khusnullin added that to avoid growth of prices for apartments was through a Single information system of housing construction (EISIS).

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