The University of Southern California is a prestigious private University in Los Angeles, offering its approximately 47,000 students, and a health service. There is a gynecologist who molested hundreds of women sexually worked from 1988 to 2016.

Around 500 former and current students had filed in various courts against George Tyndall, reports the AP news Agency. You throw the gynecologist, inappropriate photos and suggestive sayings made to have her to Undress and on the pretext of medical treatment, groped crowded.

the role of the University of Southern California (USC) will deal with the courts in the coming months. In August, University President C. L. Max Nikias was resigned. He stood in the criticism, because the University will, for years, complaints about Tyndall ignored.

Now, the University has announced plans to compensate students with a total of 215 million dollars. In a class-action lawsuit reached an agreement, said the University on Friday on its website. Thus, it is no longer in this case to a proceeding.

“I regret that students have been threatened because of the actions of an employee of the University in any way uncomfortable, or abused have felt,” writes interim President, Wanda Austin.

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The compensation should help the higher education community on the way to a reconciliation, stated in the opinion. Any former patient of the doctor is to flat to get 2500 dollars. Who is ready for it, Details about his negative experience with Tyndall, could be compensated with up to $ 250,000. The agreement must still be approved by a court.

Tyndall rejects the Accusations. He has not been sentenced. AP cited three lawyers of the victims, which advise against their clients, the compensation of the University. “For what have experienced some of the victims, it is a infuriating sum, which could not suitably compensated,” said lawyer Gloria Allred.

The lawyer, John Manly contended that the University will want to turn with the unification of even higher payments – and that their role in the scandal under the table could fall. “We still do not know since when, the USC knew about it, how often she was warned that members of the administration were involved, and whether there was criminal conduct,” said Manly.

A lawyer for the University said that the question of criminal behavior will be investigated, regardless of the current agreement, the needs of the victims.



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