The United States recognized the


made in the United States list of terrorist groups organization “Russian Imperial movement”. Under the restrictions were leaders of the group Stanislav Vorobyev, Denis Gareev and Nicholas Truslow, RIA Novosti reported.

As noted at the briefing, the state Department coordinator on counter-terrorism Nathan sales, the move is “unprecedented” because for the first time in the list of terrorist foreign paid racist group that preaches the ideology of “white supremacist”.

“the Group plays an important role in calling for European and American like-minded people to unite against perceived enemies,” explained the sales, adding that the group has two training camps in St. Petersburg.

the sales told me that two Swedish citizens, who in 2016 were training in the camp organization, staged attacks in Sweden against immigrants.

Earlier it was reported that the state Department will allocate up to $ 10 million for projects aimed at the development of education in Iraq “on the American model”. To can grant the Iraqi universities of the U.S. sample that do not have state funding.

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