Munich – A Fan-made battle between lions and Bayern followers at Christmas in 2017 is now a sequel in court. Then a young 1860-Fan is supposed to have celebrated his birthday in the Tapas Bar, Mamasita, a Horde of red-hooded Bayern-Ultras the Restaurant should have stormed and ravaged. Since Thursday Jasenko T. (29) sitting on the dock. He must answer for itself because of a particularly severe Case of trespassing. For the trial, he said.

The Prosecutor assumes that the accused had arranged to meet with 15 to 20 other offenders – all followers of FC Bayern and partly members of the ultra – grouping “Red alert” – midnight to blast the Celebration of the lion Fans. Ultras are typically fanatical followers, whose aim it is to support your team always and everywhere the best possible way.

guests are noisy, Bayern-Ultras fled

In this case, the prosecution believes that the group wanted to attack the lions Fans physically. As the Bayern-shouted Ultras in front of the Bar provocations, to have guests from all fear and panic fled under tables or in the courtyard. Meanwhile, Bayern will have a trailer with tables, chairs, Pflanzentröge, bottles and glasses against the Windows of the restaurant thrown in. A slice to have with a chair smashed. Guests are said to have been injured by the flying objects and shards of glass. Also a Bengal torch was ignited.

At the Tapas Bar a damage of more than 14,000 euros. After some Stakeholders should have been involved in a brawl. Because the Whole thing took place mainly in the city centre, suffered according to the public Prosecutor’s office also the sense of security of many of Munich. The process is continued.

+ the scene of the crime: At the Tapas Bar a damage in the amount of more than 14,000 euros.© Jn

In the summer of 2018 had to be responsible for lion’s Fans because of an attack on a Bayern-Fankneipe. In addition, was convicted of several supporters of the Blue a riot in and around the relegation play-off second leg match against Jahn Regensburg in may 2017 will be a legal aftermath, a young man was only in January.


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