Berlin – Just 17 years old, Vanessa Struhler was, as you are looking in the year 2002 in Germany den Superstar (DSDS) took part. At that time, she impressed the Jury with the title of Fallin‘ by the American Soul and R&B singer Alicia Keys and moved together with other Singers such as Alexander Klaws and Daniel Küblböck in the motto shows. At the time, Struhler super sweet looking – now she looks super hot.

-candidate Vanessa Struhler is mega-hot right now – she has Filipino roots

Vanessa Struhlers time at American idol was a long time ago. The singer with Filipino roots, is now 33 years old. It occurs now only by her stage name Vanessa. s. and is no longer a young girl, but a beautiful and successful woman. On Instagram it shows up naturally, and yet very attractive. There are also photos of one of your recent performances: With baby bump in Dubai. Otherwise, she shows her tattooed body in a relaxed holiday. (Also read: YouTuberin bibisbeauty Palace pulls in front of the camera, almost blank – in the snow!)

+ “We need a house by the sea,” writes Vanessa Struhler to this image.© Instagram

As a Participant of the first American idol season, you knew, of course, in the meantime, perhaps the most famous participants from Dieter Bohlen is the first song of the Show: Daniel Küblböck. The singer died last year on a cruise ship – he put his life itself to an end. On Instagram also, Vanessa Struhler expressed at the time of the death, which was affected very much.

-candidate Vanessa Struhler: you also knew Daniel Küblböck

Vanessa Struhler not want to comment in the media, to the death of Daniel Küblböck, writes about the DSDS-Star: “Dear Daniel, with great dismay, every single one has followed us to the sad news of the past few days about You! Sorry infinite to learn in this way, what cruel sadness You must have surrounded the last few months. (…)“

check out this post on Instagram

dear media partners, in the course of its ongoing coverage of our friend and former companion, Daniel Küblböck, and to give further requests for Interviews, no room, we want to Express ourselves with the following lines unique to the Situation. Furthermore, we ask for your understanding that in addition, none of us Express media would like to. We ask this to respect. Dear Daniel, with great dismay, has followed every single one of us the sad news of the past few days about You! Sorry infinite to learn in this way, what cruel sadness You must have surrounded the last few months. Some people don’t know You, and especially not “recognized” thought You might be as a Clown. However, even Clowns cry. And the very good Clowns have the ability to hide your tears in front of people whom you do not want to show! You have deprived of You in our time together we never! What we see and know were, was a man with incredibly many facets, a huge unvoreingenommenem the heart but also a very fragile soul. Your “positive energy” has us all and countless people, has returned out there, Believe in yourself! Wherever Your journey leads, You’ll be in our heart! Thank you for letting us walk part of Your path with You! Juliette, Stephanie, Andrea, Daniel L., Vanessa, Nektarios and Gracia #wehaveadream #daniel

A post shared by Vanessa S. (@vanessastruhlinsky) on Sep 11, 2018 12:39 PM PDT

The 33-year-old former American idol Participant, however, is not only a singer. Vanessa Struhler has also been a small family, is currently pregnant with her second baby, like celebrity flash reported. She already has a young son. For the second child Struhler writes on Instagram: “I hope it comes out with a microphone in his/her Hand.”

-candidate Vanessa Struhler: Dieter Bohlen called it “kissing ball”

In the case of American idol, the musician and the Jury, the Board of management Dieter Bohlen had a funny nickname for the singer. He called the young Vanessa Struhler at the time, always “kissing ball”. To Germany, she landed with her Song Ride or die (I Need You) in the German single charts sucht den Superstar, and cooperated with German rappers. In the Single Blah Blah Blah Struhler processed their negative experience from the music business.

+ Vanessa S.: Even with a baby belly is from the Sing and keep on running.© Instagram

The singer took to the American idol experience as a TV presenter. She moderated a program on a music station. When MTV was moderated by Vanessa Struhler together with Mirjam Weichselbraun and DJ TomekkMTV street live – a Gaming Format.


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