On Sunday Morning (17. February 2019) stopped a civilian of the land transport Department, lower Austria, patrol a 23-year-old racer.

speeders with 215 km/h on the road – that is its justification

The young man had been with 215 km/h on the West motorway (A1) in the case of marker village (district St. Pölten-Land) in the direction of Linz on the go. On top of that, he was only 33 meters distance to the Car, drove in front of him – which was also a transport of organs.

As to the officials to him, he was to be on the way to Germany, Where he had a proposal of marriage. Now, the racer is displayed at the competent district administrative authority.

see also: racer with a record pace caught – now four years in prison. Or: police officers speechless: this speed camera photo what is wrong.

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