An increased level of weather danger extended due to icy conditions

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Increased level of weather hazard in the Metropolitan region was extended due to icy conditions, according to the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation.

the Warning is valid until 22:00 Thursday, February 13. Yellow level previously extended to 22:00 Wednesday, February 12.

on Wednesday in Moscow will be cloudy, light snow expected. The temperature will be at the level of 0-2 degrees. Wind South-Eastern 5-10 m / sec.

the atmospheric pressure will be 734 mm Hg. Forecasters warned that another change in temperature can cause discomfort and lead to complications.

Chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova told that the strong fluctuations in the course of this week is not expected. At night, the indicators will stay near zero degrees.

the weekend will be warm enough for drops. The temperature this week will be above normal for at least five degrees, said the center weather “Phobos”. Because of this snow cover will decrease.

the Head of Roshydromet Igor Shumakov said that the spring in the European part of Russia may come in a few weeks. Information on the flood in the regions of the country will be known closer to the middle of March. He said that now data is only preliminary.

in addition, Daskale Allergy sufferers are recommended to take care of preventive medications, as alder and birch bloom in the capital in early March. It noted that appointed now drugs are safe for long-term use. In addition to antihistamines suggest nasal sprays: they need to use in the beginning of the season of ballinalee.

In Moscow because of the extreme heat blossomed willow

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