Debate to five, but little excitement, because it was not expecting anything that we haven’t seen before. The discussions might be of interest if you are like the World, every four years, because you don’t remember the previous one and change the equipment. But when the last debate was so recently that you still have not managed to forget it, the prospect of seeing another cause discouragement.

The only thing animated was the fight for Catalonia, what a novelty. Is more, after a rant each one, until leftover time at the end of this thematic block. For a few moments it seemed that no one wanted to talk to you, unusual in a debate. As they had not prepared anything else on the subject of the cohesion of the regions. There was not much more to say with everything that I would have to say, everything was loose and clichés, a great sterility.

For some strange reason it is assumed that the majority of the population wants to cane, is angry, when about everything is concerned and not heard solutions. In any case, talk of what is talked about, Sanchez became the center of debate many times, if it was only to defend themselves. In the coupling between Married and Rivera, the screen was splitting in two and they looked like two twins of tantrum. Sanchez was the only one who acted as president, leaning on his notes, raising up the head to make “ads”, not promises.

As Sanchez the bad terrible, was curious what Abascal: everybody’s doing it as I was not there, and that is the rise of Vox is long, the phenomenon most striking aspect of the elections. He spent more than an hour until someone he whipped her up; Rivera, that office useless he had on the PP and that took a paste. Married not said or mu in the whole debate. It is true that Abascal is a bit weak, Espinosa de los Monteros Friday was better, but, as in the first debate, also yesterday he released his tremendismos on autonomy and no one defended them. Screamed against illegal immigration as the source of all evil, also the violations of group, and none replied.


So you have been told the election debate Lies and half-truths of the debate The election debate of RTVE, in images

Few on the Friday with a big deal about it and others yesterday with mutis general and the ultra-right without dismounting. Only Sanchez took the opportunity to ask Married and Rivera that desmarcaran of things as outlaw the PNV, but will not come off. “You and I we don’t have to shrink before this right aggressive and ignorant,” said Iglesias to Sanchez, but he wagged the head, as to each wink. With him are made difficult all night. Churches were going very well until he said what he said (ahem, “blowjob” instead of “herd”; yes Paul, you heard), and stopped to listen to what he said a few minutes.

None of which had a bright night. They are as tired as we are of repeated. Were two hours to that so odious, and so little credible, that everything is the fault of the other. Became very long. Abascal was so hot dog and snuck his key idea among people of rights: they are not to much and no one will rechista.


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