Globalism is marxism, is immigration without control, is a transnational economy, it is left, it is, in sum, little love of the motherland. This straw man travels around the world. The “shipments globalist progressives”, he spoke on the night of the debate the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, as a paradigm of the spaces where there is a breach of the rights of citizens and their nations. A sort of global conspiracy, global, advances positions which alert the right wing or right extremist, to gain positions of electoral speeches protectionist and patriotic. The president of the united States, Donald Trump, likes to shake this concept that makes globalization much more than an economic phenomenon. And for the bad. All these dangers are of the warning Vox, and last night he did Abascal without her replica.

“what Any candidate wants to intervene?”. This was the question of the journalist of TVE, Ana White, who moderated the debate, along with his colleague Antenna 3 Vicente Vallés. Did not credit the informants to the defense of Santiago Abascal does not have replica.

So they decided, separately, their adversaries, as they recognize in their environments. Do not give pitch to Abascal, ignorarle, make the vacuum. It is a resource for tactical , but also elevated to the category of strategy. The reasons for staying silent in the face of a discourse which puts into question, plainly speaking, the State of autonomies, which links immigration and crime, which is labeled as a “sect” of the European Union, among other invocations extremists, are purely electoral.


Ana White: “they shall Speak of parity but is not a picture of equality” All against Sanchez: the leader of the PSOE, when questioned 73 times during the debate Errejón complains that the parties did not respond to the “rally” of Vox in the discussion

there is no way the president of the government on functions, Pedro Sanchez, was going to retire the waterproof of the president. In any case, Pedro Sanchez was going to get into a discussion with mr. Abascal. This was not going to cause that I took away from his speech and his messages of head of government in the making. To do this, I could only look at from the front, not the sides. Only on one occasion, he was interested to go to Santiago Abascal but not directly but through Rivera and Married to ask them if they shared the proposals that desgranaba Vox. Silence. Vox no one spoke. Married and Rivera are not in a position to, especially the first, to disturb Abascal. The only chance of governing that has Paul Married passes inexorably for their support. It is not the time to replicate Abascal in their attacks on the State of the Autonomies, or the european project, or the PNV, is so necessary, so many times, for the PP. Not making a speech sitting on the immigration. Rivera avoided to discuss about these major topics but went into the immediate past of Abascal who aerated have always lived of the regional administration of the PP, in positions of unknown utility. With that reminder, seeks to retain some of the many props that seem to fly towards the PP, or Vox. A party that does not want to rebut, and that may be the third political force. If so, the silent know if ignorarle was appropriate.


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