“For the spaniards, the most humble, Spain is your only heritage. Only the rich can afford the luxury of not having a home”. At this point everyone knows the phrase uttered by Santiago Abascal on television is an appointment of Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, founder of a party which brought as a dowry to her marriage with the Falange yoke and arrows: the JONS (an acronym that in these times of naming a post should be deployed, whether to check up where to reach us the breathing: Together of Offensive National-Unionist).

In recent days, in fact, we have witnessed the particular exhumation of Ledesma Ramos. Shot by the militia at the beginning of the Civil War, was honored last week at the cemetery of Aravaca by a group of falangistas in the company of the auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Madrid. However, it has been repaired a little in that his proclamation is the reverse of the other contained in the communist Manifesto: “The workers have no fatherland. They can’t be remove what you don’t have.”

Ledesma had studied philosophy, was a disciple of Ortega— and it is difficult to think that you were innocent your version of a phrase. Hannah Arendt, glossed to clarify that the workers have never shared the view of Marx and Engels and that it is particularly prone to nationalism and chauvinism. That propensity would be, then as now, the result of numbing your class consciousness to accept precarity as a natural disaster. Also a propaganda aimed at the conflict from national to replace the social and so political leaders have to save to pay bills when trimmed rights. A patriot accepts the sacrifice better than an ordinary citizen.

If we add an external enemy (to be possible with high-speed AVE station) and a scapegoat (preferably immigrant), we already have the worker of the right. And, for the same price, to its variant with studies: the patriot of the left, abundant in the periphery of the Spanish State, and endeavored to show that a worker of Panrico Santa Perpetua de Mogoda has more in common with the chief of their factory with another worker of the same company intended for in Puente Genil. That verticality appealed also the nacionalsindicalismo shirt blue, but neither one nor the other is more convincing than that “progressive in matters of religion” portrayed by Jerzy Lec: accept that man descended from monkey, but the monkey from Noah’s Ark.

As expected, such an oxymoron causes the least discomfort among the ranks of the Vox that between the sedicente nationalism of the left. This has read in full the chapter 2 of the Manifesto, and clings to that speaks of the nation as bourgeois, but it is forgotten that a hypothetical independence of the Basque Country or Catalonia would be impossible —as the procés— without the competition of their bourgeois matches (and convergences), and, above all, without its banks and businesses (including the headquarters). And the truth, hard to imagine them embracing the communist cause.


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