The Democratic Party has achieved this Tuesday a major political victory in the united States to obtain for the first time in more than two decades, the control of the two legislative chambers of the State of Virginia and claimed by a slight majority of votes in the governance of Kentucky, which implies a measure of the charge by republican Matt Bevin. A year of presidential elections, the results blown optimism in the ranks democrats, and they underpin some trends, such as the spin progressive of the former conservative Virginia, and the electoral problems of the trumpismo in urban and suburban areas.

the republican control of The Chambers of Virginia was already mild, from 20 to 19 in the Senate and 51 to 48 in the House of Delegates. This last one had experienced a situation unmerciful and frightening in 2017 because of a draw, although most ended up in the hands of the republic. Tonight, the candidate Shelly Simonds, who led the defeat of that episode, he had his rematch and won. The vote of the suburban areas, that is to say, of the municipalities surrounding the big cities, was a key in the shift, such as occurred in the general elections of 2018. Virginia secures a migration policy that began years ago, in the heat of the immigration and the arrival of new technological industries.


The draw mathematical between two candidates leads to the Congress of Virginia to the absurdity Danica Roem, the first transgender elected to a legislative office in the U.S.

In Kentucky, with 100% of the constituencies counted, the democratic candidate to the governance, Andy Beshear, had 5.100 votes of advantage over the current governor, Matt Bevin, but this Friday, the republican still refused to recognize the result and spoke of possible “irregularities”. The Associated Press noted that the result was too tight to take it for decided.

The defeat, once confirmed, is a upset special for Donald Trump, since in 2016 he had won that State by 30 points of difference in respect to Hillary Clinton. In addition, the president is not involved in the battle of Virginia, but in the of Bevin, a great ally of yours. This Tuesday, the campaign manager of Trump, Brad Pascale, said the new yorker “dragged” to the current governor “until the finish line” and that the “result is to be seen”. In addition, he highlighted other wins republican of the night, as the new attorney general of the State (the first african-american in history, David Cameron) or the choice of Tate Reeves as governor in the bastion of conservative Mississippi, among others. In front was the attorney general Jim Hood, a democrat, contrary to the abortion and pro-guns.

As happened in the parliamentary elections to the Congress of the united States, a year ago, Donald Trump is not competing in the polls, much less the future democratic presidential candidate, still to be decided in a long primary process. Everything that happens in american politics, however, it is observed these days with an eye on what that may mean face-to-2020. Everything smells plebiscite on Trump, without being it, and also on the democrats.

The consequences of immediate policy have little to do with all of that. In Virginia, for the time being, it means that the democratic governor Ralph S. Northam, who some months ago asked the head by a controversial racist, gain strength to drive implementation of more gun control or increases in the minimum wage, with their advocates and their detractors. In Mississippi, it means the seen well to the policy of tax cuts to encourage growth advocated by Reeves and the rejection of the Medicaid expansion, the program of sanitation for the disadvantaged.


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