Remember the slogan of the party they voted in the April elections? I don’t either. But surely you remember the puns and anacolutos of Mariano Rajoy. One of the problems of the election fatigue is that the repertoire tends to be exhausted and, therefore, repeated. One day a formation finish by using the old slogan of another would seem impossible if at the rallies of Citizens had not already begun to chant the “Yes we can”. Amortized time (2004) in that a slogan could be “common Sense” (CiU) or “Talking is the way people understand” (CKD), we thought that the genius that overflows the Internet contagiaría of the heroes. At all. The worst of the mental laziness is that, for the system, tends to be the case, that is to say, to the epic. You to go (Cs), I to re-conquer (Vox). You say “Now, Government”, I say “Government with you” (or “ungovernable”, as the CUP, epic in their way). You, “Now Spain”; “I, “” Spain always.” And so on until the 10-N.

The concept Spain the price goes up and that is usually not good for the spaniards. Although there are that acknowledge to Pedro Sanchez, who some time ago took a photo of what Bruce Springsteen with a rojigualda size XXL background and every so often stresses that his party is the only one that carries on the name the magic word. And almost the only one that carries the word ‘party’! Is it too political for these times? (From “the worker” or talked about. Will be that are not. The euphemism that is “middle class and working class”). Only the ballots function as the ID —or, as your mother when you’re angry— and remind us that Citizens are called Party of the Citizenship, and that the number two of the PP in Madrid, former president of the Congress, and in his day, member of parliament for Pontevedra, is called Ana María Pastor Julián.

If, as philosophers say, the whole concept is an ancient metaphor could be said that every campaign slogan is the shell of a concept, the brother-in-law expected of a metaphor. Hopefully not, therefore, audacities or calambures as the advertising of the Telemadrid tv station in which someone wrote “Mirror of who we are,” and many read “Espe fucked up than we are”. No one, however, has the secret to success or of the spark of life —slogan unbeatable, by the way—. Alfonso Guerra account in his memoirs how was the campaign of the PSOE in 1982. Your task as chief strategist, she says, consisted in attracting the discontented with the division of UCD consolidating the vote itself. Does it sound like them? The strategy was to make sure to win without releasing his faithful. What’s the slogan? “For the change”. “It seemed to Me full of strength and appeal,” he explains. The doubts began when a guru american threw a bucket of cold water on such enthusiasm. With that slogan, he said, you do not win ever: only three words, two of which had no significance of its own. Conclusion: “they’re Going to lose the election.” The Socialist Party won an absolute majority with almost 10 million votes.


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