The Short messages in the Overview:

Illustrator and Cartoonist Mordillo is dead (9.42 PM)

Japan resumes commercial whaling again (3.36 PM)

places in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania due to forest fire, evacuated (1.31 PM)

Controversial postage increase in force standard letter costs 80 cents (0.19 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 10.50 PM: EU diplomats: Timmermans more favorite for the EU Commission top +++

The Dutchman Frans Timmermans will be traded at the EU special summit, according to diplomats more as a favorite for the office of President of the European Commission. A decision was not but like still, diplomats said the morning in Brussels. The negotiations went. CSU Deputy Manfred Weber of the European people’s party (EPP) could be, therefore, President of the European Parliament.

As the personnel proposals to the Bulgarian world Bank representative Kristalina Georgieva for the post of the EU President-in-office, as well as the Belgian head of government, Charles Michel, to the Post of the EU were debated in addition, the foreign supervisor. The search for a new President of the European Central Bank (ECB) was not said to be in focus and could be postponed.

+++ 10.46 am: more than a Million euros in donations for Sea-Watch +++

The donations for the German charity organization, Sea-Watch shot after the arrest of their captain Carola Missiles in the height. More than a Million euros were received. On the call of the TV presenters Jan böhmermann and Klaas Heufer circulation more than of 735,000 euros were received up to Monday noon, on an Italian Facebook page collected more than 410,000 euros.

the Missiles had gone with the “Sea-Watch 3” and 40 migrants on Board on the weekend illegally in the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa, and was arrested. The Italian government provides for the unauthorized Retraction of penalties in the amount of up to EUR 50,000. The “Sea-Watch 3” was seized.

Lübtheen forest fire in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania threatened villages – fire smell to Berlin DPA +++ 10.41 PM: the Largest forest fire in history of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania +++

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern fights, according to environment Minister Till Backhaus (SPD) against the largest forest fire in the history of the country. To have the times of the GDR in the North-East of a fire of this magnitude. Be affected, in the meantime, 430 hectares on a former military training ground in Lübtheen (district of Ludwigslust-Parchim), which was also impacted highly with ammunition. “The safety of body and life now has top priority,” said Backhaus on Monday in Lübtheen.

In the night and in the Morning, three towns evacuated directly to the source of the Fire limits, as a precautionary measure, as the district administrator Stefan Sernberg (SPD) said. Be affected now, a total of 650 people. In addition, a holiday camp had been cleared, with 100 children. The fire had broken out on Sunday. The authorities are investigating, according to interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU), also because of the suspicion of arson.

+++ 09.59 PM: the number of unemployed declined declined slightly in June +++

The number of unemployed in Germany is slightly in June to 2,216 million. The 20,000 fewer unemployed than in may, and 60,000 fewer than a year ago, as the Federal Agency reported for work on Monday in Nuremberg, Germany. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.9 percent.

+++ 09.58 PM: Kashmir: Crowded Minibus plunges into gorge – dozens of people Dead +++

In the Indian Kashmir Region, is a Bus with more than 50 passengers plunged into a 150 Meter deep gorge. At least 35 inmates were killed, the police announced. The vehicle – a minibus with 30 Seats – was in the district of Kishtwar, in a bend of the road. “21 people were directly killed in the accident, 14 injured and later succumbed. Among the Victims of a Newborn was. Rescuers pulled a further 17 inmates injured from the wreck. At least three of them hovered in mortal danger and were flown by helicopter to the city of Jammu. The police are investigating the cause of an accident. Possible an error of the driver, a technical Defect or “many other factors”, it said.

+++ 09.49 PM: South Korea’s military Uniden identifiable discovered the visible flying object on the border +++

South Korea’s military has been discovered near the border with North Korea, an unidentified flying object. The flying object was moving in a no-fly zone in the airspace ban over the demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two countries, reported the Yonhap news Agency, citing the General staff of the army.

Initially was unclear whether it was an aircraft, it said. The DMZ is a military buffer zone separating the two countries since the Korean war (1950-53) to a width of four kilometers and a length of about 150 kilometers.

+++ 09.48 PM: After Eurofighter crash squadron flies in Laage again. + + +

A week after the crash of two fighter planes on the lakes of Mecklenburg, the competent air-force-squadron resumed its flights again. In the Morning, two Eurofighter machines took off in Laage near Rostock to exercise flights, as a spokesman for the squadron 73 “Steinhoff” said. Every day there will be two Starts, such as before the crash. In an air combat exercise of three Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft were on 24. June, two of the Jets at a higher altitude to collide and in Nossentiner Hütte crashed. Thereafter, the squadron was exposed to the flights.

+++ 09.42 PM: cartoonist Mordillo is dead +++

The Argentine draughtsman Guillermo Mordillo is dead. He died at the age of 86 years, his Agency has confirmed in Amsterdam. “It is unfortunately true. This has informed the family,” said a spokeswoman. People and animals with bulbous noses were the trademark of the world-famous cartoonists.

Mordillo was on 4. August, born 1932 as the son of Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires. The breakthrough came in the late 60s with the publication of his Cartoons in “Paris Match” and in the “star” and other magazines around the world. In the 70s he was considered one of the most published of the signatories in the world.

+++ 09.40 PM: a Sea-Watch-captain Missiles will be heard in the afternoon +++

The Käpitänin the German aid organisation, Sea Watch, Carola Missiles, should be in the afternoon in front of an Italian investigating magistrate to be heard. She was already with a ship of the financial police, on the way from Lampedusa to the Sicilian city of Agrigento, said Sea Watch spokesman Ruben Neugebauer.

The 31-are accused of Years of illegal immigration, violation of the law of the sea and of resistance against state violence, because they have instructions from military vessels, to.

the Missiles had gone last week with the ship “Sea-Watch 3” with more than 40 migrants, despite the ban, the government in Rome in Italian waters. At the weekend Missiles has been arrested and taken to the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, placed under house arrest. In Agrigento, it will be decided whether the house arrest is maintained.

+++ 09.33 PM: A1 at Lübeck due to heat damage to full + locked++

heat damage in the Baltic sea holidaymakers brakes: The A1 in the Lübeck’s been locked in the direction of the North because of heat damage to the full. The blocking in between the connection points of Lübeck-Moisling and Lübeck-Zentrum is valid until Tuesday, 9.00 a.m., the police announced. The detour leads through the Bay of lübeck city area. Due to the blocking must be expected with significant traffic delays, police said more. Locals were asked to avoid the area on a large scale. According to police, a piece of concrete jumped was due to the heat, this was expressed highly.

+++ 08.47 PM: at Least 53 injured in massive Explosion in Kabul +++

In the case of the Explosion of a car bomb in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Monday, at least 53 people have been injured. 53 injured were sent to hospitals, said a spokesman of the Ministry of health, Wadihullah Mayar, in the short message service Twitter. He warned that the number of victims could still rise.

A spokesman for the interior Ministry, Nasrat Rahimi said, first of all, a car bomb explodes. Subsequently, several attackers had stormed a building. The area in which, among other things, military and government buildings are located, was cordoned off.

+++ at 08:39 More locality because of forest fire in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania evacuated +++

Due to a forest fire in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, more residents have to leave their homes. “With the evacuation of the village of Trebs will begin at 7 a.m.,” explained the use of the line early Monday morning. On Sunday, the places were Alt Jabel and High Woo’s evacuated. The fire had spread to the former troops training ground Lübtheen rapidly, a burning smell was still in Berlin perceptible.

+++ 08.32 PM: Strong Explosion rocked Cyprus – speculation, Syria war +++

A powerful Explosion has shaken in the night of Monday, Cyprus and ten ripped thousands of people from sleep. Was injured, however no one. The explosions occurred in the Turkish Cypriot Northern part of the island in the Mediterranean sea on the mountain Besparmak in the vicinity of the village of Vouno (Turkish: taşkent), reported the state-owned Cyprus broadcasting Corporation (RIK).

On the causes of the explosions, confusion. The authorities suspect the crash of a drone or the impact of a projectile or a missile. “We can’t yet say what caused exactly the Explosion,” said the Cypriot defence Minister Savvas Angelides in the state television (RIK). Possibly from Syria come to the object to be taken in Cyprus.

+++ 07.51 PM: protesters in Hong Kong legislative Council trying to storm +++

The government critical demonstrators in Hong Kong tried to storm the legislative Council. They destroyed window panes in the government building and tried to obtain by force access to the Interior of the building. The police responded with pepper spray

+++ 07.05 PM: Conte: Still no breakthrough for EU top positions +++

At the EU special summit to fill top posts, according to the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte continues with no solution in sight. Whether a breakthrough is successful, is completely open, said Conte in Brussels Tomorrow. An agreement on the Dutchman Frans Timmermans as the President of the EU Commission has not yet succeeded. Italy is very open, also for a staff package with Timmermans. However, the principle the leading candidate for his country was not a decisive factor.

EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk, had interrupted the summit at 23: 00 on Sunday evening and throughout the night-on-one talks with the 28 heads of state and government led. For 07.00 hrs the sequel to the summit in a big round

+++ 06.52 PM: Powerful Explosion in the Afghan capital, Kabul +++

In the centre of the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to diplomats, a strong explosions have been heard. Police spokesman Basir Mujahid confirmed an Explosion in Kabul, but gave no further information. Images in social media showed a large cloud of smoke. The local TV station Shamshad reported that a car bomb was detonated on the Northern wall of the station in the East of Kabul. The TV channel did not broadcast for about 20 minutes. When he reported back, the presenter of another, small Explosion and gun fire was heard. The TV station was not, however, the target of the attack.

+++ 06.05 PM: the SPD does not want to agree to Klöckners animal welfare Label +++

The SPD has announced resistance against the plans of Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) for a voluntary animal welfare Logo. “The current draft of the Minister of agriculture would foreseeable no majority in the coalition groups,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Matthias Miersch the German press Agency. Klöckner run “public notice policy with no substance.” The SPD calls for mandatory animal welfare labelling.

+++ 05.15 PM: man found dead in tent at Fusion festival grounds found +++

On the premises of the alternative cultural festival “Fusion” in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a 28 was found-Year-old dead. According to the senior doctor, the man from Mainz was in a tent, police said. Rescue workers and an ambulance would have only been able to observe the death. Criminal police officers have come to use. The cause of death is still unclear, however, there are no references to third-party negligence.

+++ 05.05 PM: Loewe closes the doors +++

After years of crisis, the insolvent TV manufacturer Loewe sets with the operation. The majority of the over 400 members of staff is free and does not appear to work. According to information of the preliminary insolvency administrator Rüdiger White core will remain a team of ten to fifteen employees on Board that will look in the coming months after a rescue Investor. The traditional company is deep in the red. In order to work profitably, should, Loewe, generating 180 million euros in sales, in fact, in 2018 only 120 million.

+++ 03.36 PM: Japan takes up commercial whaling again +++

Japan has resumed after more than 30 years of commercial whaling again. Five whaling ships were running with loud sounding of ship horns from the harbour in the Northern Japanese city of Kushiro, a Journalist of the news Agency AFP reported. Also in other ports of the country should start whaling ships.

Due to a Moratorium of the International whaling Commission (IWC) has banned commercial whaling since 1986, and internationally. Japan failed in September 2018 in the IWC with a request for a return to commercial whaling. Consequently, in December announced its withdrawal from the Commission. The decision triggered in several countries, and in the case of activist criticism.

+++ 02.11 PM: police in Hong Kong forcibly against protesters +++

In Hong Kong, the police proceeded on the anniversary of the return of the former British crown colony to China to use force against Protesters. The police used pepper spray and batons against protesters, who had blocked a main road in the district of Wanchai, a Journalist of the news Agency AFP reported. At least one protester suffered a bleeding head injury.

Previously, had blocked democracy activists in the Chinese special administrative zone of several main roads. In Hong Kong, it comes in weeks of the largest protests since the return of the former British crown colony to China in 1997. The demonstrations were projects first, especially against a law that deliveries to mainland China would allow.

+++ 01.51 PM: Ten Dead in crash of small plane in Texas +++

When a small plane crash in the US state of Texas came ten people have been killed. The twin-engined machine of the type King Air 350 crashed in the town of Addison, such as the US accident investigation authority told NTSB. A city spokeswoman told the news Agency AFP that no one had survived the crash.

The US news channel CNN reported that the plane had crashed in an airport hangar. Therefore, it was a private machine. The accident investigation Board sent a team of investigators to Addison, to investigate the crash.

+++ 01.31 PM: places in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania due to forest fire, evacuated +++

Due to a large forest fire in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have been evacuated several towns. A fire on the former troops training ground Lübtheen width of which is “very, very quickly,” said the spokesman for the mission control. From the village of Alt Jabel had to be brought, therefore, about 280 people, including hundreds of children from a summer camp. A further 150 to 200 people had to leave their homes in High-Woo’s. In addition, the evacuations in Jessenitz are not yet completed, said a spokeswoman for the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim. The ground fire was raging according to the figures, on an area of more than 430 acres. The district administrator of the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim called in the event of a disaster, and a citizen established phone number 038855/78744.

+++ 01.08 PM: Venezuela’s government is accused of torture, murder of a naval officer +++

In Venezuela is said to have been tortured a detained marine officer in custody to death. The above raise a number of countries in the Region, the government of Nicolás Maduro. The Corvette captain Rafael Acosta was on 21. June by armed men have been arrested and a week later with visible signs of torture on the body in front of a judge appeared, the so-called Lima group. On Saturday, he died in a hospital. The group judge took the murder of Acosta, as well as the ongoing practice of arbitrary arrest and torture of the Maduro regime to the opposition.

+++ 00.19 watch: Controversial postage increase in force standard letter costs 80 cents +++

The new postage for the letter distribution in Germany is in force. From now on, a standard letter costs 80 cents, and 10 cents more than in the past. Other types of Shipment were more expensive. For a postcard 60 cents will be payable instead of the previous 45 cents. A Post office spokesman said that they were well prepared for the new price structure, the stores had been supplied with sufficient quantities of the new stamps. Old brands can continue to be used, depending on the Type of transmission, but additional characters sticking. Finally, the Bonn-based company in 2016, had attracted with the letter shipping rates.

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