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Ann-Kathrin Götze: She didn't expect to get pregnant

Mario  und Ann-Kathrin Götze freuen sich auf ihr erstes Kind.

April 20, 2024 – 11:49 a.m.

Pregnancy was a surprise for Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götze

It was not until the end of March 2024 that Ann-Kathrin Götze (30) and her husband, football professional Mario Götze (27), announced that they were expecting their first child. The model kept this joyful news secret for a whole seven months. Now Ann-Kathrin reveals that the pregnancy was even more surprising than expected for her.

Suddenly pregnant! Ann-Kathrin Götze would not have expected that

After their wedding in June 2019, Ann-Kathrin and her husband Mario had stopped using contraception, as she reveals on her YouTube channel. The influencer thought it would take a while for the hormones to disappear from her body and for her to get pregnant at all. But then everything went “very, very quickly”.

Ann-Kathrin remembers that she noticed changes in her body in October. Suddenly she was always very tired, especially towards the evening. She didn’t wait long and did a test. However, the result was a shock – for her and her husband. “We never thought it would happen so quickly,” says Ann-Kathrin Götze.

Ann-Kathrin Götze is expecting her first child

Ann-Kathrin Götze


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