Apple has banned several apps from its App Store, with which of the parents the use of iPhones or iPads to their children and limit control.

“you endanger the privacy and safety of users,” explained the group’s sanctions. It had become in the past year, attention to the fact that several parental control Apps using a “highly engaging technology called Mobile Device Management (MDM)”.

With the help of this method, the App provider could control the device and sensitive information such as the user’s location, the use of Apps, E-Mail accounts and browser history and also the use of the camera control.

Apple stressed that there are perfectly legitimate uses of MDM. “Companies sometimes install MDM on a Corporate device in order to retain better control over proprietary data and Hardware.” It constitutes a large risk if a private, consumer-oriented App companies take a MDM control of the device to a customer. MDM-Profile could also be used by hackers to gain for malicious purposes.

“parents should not have to exchange your Fears about the device usage of your children against risks to privacy and security, and the App Store should not be a platform to force this decision. No one except the parents should have unrestricted access to the device management of your child.” You have not given, therefore, the affected providers 30 days to the Apps change so that you are in breach of the guidelines of the App Stores. “Those who have not done it, have been removed from the App Store.”

Apple rejected the complaint of the affected App developers, the iPhone group intends to urge the providers of child protection Software because Apple now offers its own System for Monitoring the usage habits. “You systematically kill the industry,” said Amir Moussavian, CEO of the App provider OurPact the “New York Times”. Apple responded, not to the business but to the safety. In the App Store, there are many very successful applications that offer features and services that are offered by Apple itself. “We are committed to offer these Apps a place where you can grow, because they improve the user experience for all.”



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