To Try in some regions of Beijing, in the whole country begins to distribute points to the people. Good behavior is rewarded with bonus points, bad point deduction penalized. Who takes care of his old neighbors, the Zebra stripe pedestrian to pass, or even a feat as the rescue of the victim has to show for it, is promoted to model citizen. Those who rioted drunk, however, things are ordered, but not paid, or even under the influence of alcohol driving a car, is downgraded to anti-social.

at the same time, the public space of the cameras is monitored with facial recognition software, even a small bug is discovered behavior. The “Social Credit System” is a type of Schufa for all of life’s concerns. In 2024 it is expected to be introduced. Never has a country the Vision of a comprehensive educational dictatorship has come as close as China.

citizens-Score: In this city of glass citizens is already a reality Fullscreen

On this panel model are shown members of the community who have achieved in the new social credit System, a particularly high score.

©Andreas Landwehr, DPA, Social Erosion in China

In the West of the citizens was considered to be the core always from the point of view that political dissidents should be monitored. In China, many citizens see the Score as a measure of the increasing brutalization of morals in the Together curb. With the end of Maoism, the former totalitarian spy and monitoring system collapsed. As a result, the led to a state of legal uncertainty and the coarsening of behavior. Often, passers-by to help injured people, or that motorists are again hit pedestrian override because it’s a dead cheaper than a severely injured person. The party and the Chinese people are appalled by the behavior of its own citizens. And in the area of civil law, it is in China today is difficult to to put up against non-payers and scammers.

– monitoring technology, The Pentagon had a powerful spy camera to develop, now you ended up in China By Gernot Kramper

“I have the feeling that in the last six months, the behavior of the people has become better and better,” said a 32-year-old entrepreneur in the experimental region Rongcheng the Portal “Foreign Policy”. “If we take the car, we now always in front of the Zebra crossing. First of all, we were just afraid to lose our points, but now we have grown accustomed.”

A little reward here, a gentle reprimand in there – it sounds a little Patriarchal education system. But now, it shows that the Score leads to a new class of Outcasts. 13 million people are on the list of “discredited people”. It is a pre-form of the General “Social Credit System” and was introduced in 2013, a few months before the state Council in 2014, presented the Plan for the Social Score. The people on this list were neither brawls nor due to political Opposition there. Unpaid debts and fraud in the business world seem to be the most common reason for social death.

life in the social

the Stated aim of the party was, and still is, that a good or a bad Score, should not alone have symbolic meaning. As the program of 2014, it was decided, formulated in the KP: The System should “allow the most trusted to move anywhere under the sky, while the Discredited difficult to do a single step”. “Good” citizens want to facilitate the authorities, the life of the housing allocation to the available study places for the children to get benefits. Conversely, the “black sheep should be made out to” life as oxygen. You can only lead a life on the margins of society.

warning from China, The social Die behind the mobile wall Of Gernot Kramper

a visible sign of the under-privileged Status is the spell of modern transport. Not even airplanes or high speed trains take hated people. You don’t have to go on foot. You the old, slow train services. The “South China Morning Post” has accompanied one of them. David Kong came on the list, because he is a business “failure”. His publishing house went bankrupt, the business partners he remained owed money. To him, it is forbidden money for “luxury goods” to spend, to travel on this flight, and fast trains.

So Kong is now 30 hours in an old shaker rail and three hours by plane. While in Germany in everyday life is possible to hide a bankruptcy, tax debt or a prison sentence largely, is Beijing’s Vision in the other direction: The offender has to live with his Status. It is even possible for the phone contract to align it with the database – then a special ringtone to warn of the people at the other end of the line.

Worse than detention

“This is spend worse than time in detention because there is an end to a prison sentence,” said Kong, the SCMP. “Being on the list means that your Name will always be there, as long as you can’t pay your debt in full.” Kong sits in the case because he stayed by his bankruptcy 238.000 dollars guilty, and this money is unable to repay.

railway technology, 1000 km/h – China’s new trains are faster than a plane By Gernot Kramper

Kong sees itself as a victim of adverse circumstances. His creditors see this, however, is different. You told the Post that Kong’s company from the beginning was a Scam, with fake expenses, and souped-up books. That Kong can’t spend money for flights, can you find the right one. He should rather pay them the money back, they told the newspaper.

unlike in the EU, Kong can apply for a personal bankruptcy. He remains forever in the trap. From the point of view of the creditors of the inadequate state of the Chinese justice system, however, makes it impossible to prosecute him for fraud.

Kong remains nothing, as to hope to be able to eventually repay the debt, or waiting for the infamous database happening in the future, a little more subtle. He said the “SCMP”: “At the Moment is a broad sword. As long as I am insolvent, I’m a devil can’t be forgiven.”

source: SCMP; Foreign Policy

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In China, every citizen in the future a rating. Porn is bad for the citizens value, Biogevegetables are plus points. The good, the Chinese get credit and bonus payments, the poor can’t buy airline tickets. So education looks like a dictatorship.

Gernot Kramper


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