Crispy, salty, delicious Lays Chips are popular worldwide, especially in the English home, the customers swear by the potato Snack. The Chips always taste the same, uses the group-even your own potato-variety. And would have therefore driven almost four smallholder farmers in Ruin.

of 116,000 pounds, approximately 132,000 euros, wanted to sue for Lays-parent company Pepsico to court by any of the Indian farmers. In India, an existence destroying a large amount of money. The accusation: they had planted the Lays used potato variety and sold and may, Pepsico in India only. Who wants to plant the potatoes, you must receive the consolidated requests, appropriate seeds and to sell the harvest back to the company.

US Rapper Lil Xan was in the hospital because of a Chips-Overdose India: Pepsico sees in the legal

“Pepsico is India’s largest potato buyer and one of the first companies which works with farmers to a certain type of potatoes to grow,” said a spokesman for the company. We work with hundreds of farmers. The defendant, however, had planted the tubers illegally. “We should go.”

But the group seems to have is not with the extent of the resistance against the decision expected. “It is a question of India’s sovereignty in the case of seeds, for food and as a country,” said one of the lawyers representing the farmers against the “Guardian”. “It creates fear among the farmers.”

“Snacking” Why is Popcorn the new Chips By Denise Snieguole Wachter, “Pepsico will notice, that you commit an error”

had Actually gathered quickly agriculture associations and trade unions behind the farmers. Although the group implements its existing rights, it is called Ambubhai Patel Pepsicos claim “harassment”. He is one of the farmer associations as a Vice-President, is also linked with the Indian head of government. More than 190 farmers and associations had expressed to the government in a letter to your displeasure.

You’ll fight, said activist Kapil Shah “CNN”. “No matter how big the group is. Pepsico will soon realise that they are committing a mistake here.” The group seems to feel the wind. You can see the action as a “last resort,” said a spokesman for “CNN”. In the first hearing, the group made it clear that he intended to clarify the procedure of “friendship”.

sources: the Guardian, CNN, Business Insider, News 18, India Today

consumer-vote: chip, the “sham of the year” Fullscreen

1, are Latvians. To hide course (with 59% of the votes): chip Latvians by Lorenz Snack-World

the reduction in the quantity of 170 grams to 100 grams, to shrink the tube of chips in size and weight (1.6 instead of 2 grams), the packing height is kept almost the same (20,5 instead of 22 cm). Since the price in the Shop was reduced only slightly or even remained the same, the price increase according to the consumer advice centre Hamburg 50 to 70 percent. Lorenz Snack World established the downsize with the Revision of the packaging, which could be better recycled.

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