The presence of Felipe VI, in Catalonia, next Monday, will be one of the horses of battle of independence this weekend. The head of State will arrive to Barcelona for the awards Princess of Girona. Republicans have charged against this visit in his central act of campaign, which have been held to the side of the prison Lledoners, they are serving their sentence the leaders of the procés. The vice president has assured that the King is the “grandson political of Franco” and the candidate Gabriel Ruffian has ensured that the socialists are “quailing before the fascism”.

“we’re in a campaign that will begin in the Valley of the fallen, where the propaganda socialist ended up in exaltation of fascism, and who want to finish off bringing us to the Bourbon to Barcelona, on Monday. It is very consistent. Are the father and the grandson politician from a corrupt state and bourbon, which continues into a franco sociological” said Aragonès to the hundreds of people who attended the event.

The criticisms of CKD to the King’s visit to arrive just after the Provincial Electoral Board (JEP) avalara the visit of the King and the Royal Family to preside over the awards ceremony of the Foundation Princess of Girona. Both the republicans and Junts per Catalunya presented two resources when you consider that the act interfered with the campaign. The JEP argues that this is an institutional visit and criticizes that “presume” that the head of the State does not save its duty of political neutrality.

In its turn of intervention, Ruffian has also been charged against the PSOE, which sees “melt away before the fascism”. “Now that the people sentences to 10-N, tap republicanism Catalan win,” he said. The former chief of the rows in Madrid, Joan Tardà, has claimed the threesomes who ruled Catalonia, and veils has attacked Junts per Catalunya: “ERC will drag the Catalan nationalism, which certainly was a founding father of the second bourbon restoration of the regime of 78, up to a scenario of republicanism,” he said.

The CDR attempted to boycott the act, but have finally come to an agreement with the spokesman of ERC, Marta Vilalta, and the head of rows in the Parliament, Sergi Sabrià. Twenty members of the COR have been put to the stage with a large banner that could read “Shame politicians” and called for the unity of action of the pro-independence.


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