Arrested for assault with a knife on the cashier explained: I have

As it became known “MK”, April 1, at about 13.00 in the supermarket on Seliger the street came a buyer. Previously, there have not seen him, although it was a local resident and 23-year-old Alexander who is registered next, on Dubininskaya street. For many years he leads the lifestyle of the bum.

Man, as it turned out, had a criminal intent — you wanted to steal a jar of coffee. The seller , 21-year-old native of Kabardino-Balkaria Mohammed, noticed that the buyer is trying to hide under clothing product wanted to prevent. This, incidentally, he succeeded, but the price of health. A disgruntled buyer, realizing that the steal does not work, you pulled a sword and slashed employee store on the left hand. Brush the poor guy is literally hanging on the skin. The victim was hospitalized at the 81st hospital. Will it be possible for the surgeons to save the arm, is unclear.

as for the perpetrator, he was arrested a few hours later, on Dubininskaya street. He tried to attack police officers, wielding the same sword, but after firing into the air calmed down. Said was drunk, was hungry. The detention did not become for anybody a surprise — Alexander the socially disadvantaged citizen. He doesn’t live at home for many years, leads system by writing the hobo way of life, sleeping in the stairwell between floors. The man has parents who live in the suburbs. The father — the employee of the repair shop. At the time, he has neglected the upbringing of his son, and now just throws up his hands. By the way, the Muscovite has a stepson (wife’s son from her first marriage) – the exemplary family man, raising four children.

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