Large Muscovite in quarantine began to mock his own children

As it became known “MK”, a terrible thing happened on the second day of quarantine, on the evening of March 29, in a residential building in southern Moscow. At about 22.00 in the evening residents discovered on the steps of the porch crying child. Bare girl clothes were just a t-shirt and pants. On his forehead was full of blood and a huge bruise.

Eight-year-old Karina (name changed) told the neighbors that beat her mother. That day father left home, and the mother abused alcohol and decided to take it out on their children. Sleeping Karina she woke up and started beating him with the words: “Quarantine in the country, coronavirus, and your father left.”

According to the girl, her mother choked and beat feet, got her four year old brother, whom the woman also allegedly beat on the head.

the Girl managed to escape and ran to the entrance. The doctors at the hospital where they took Karina, diagnosed her with a serious concussion and a broken nose.

my brother and two sisters girls doctors determined SARS and took the children to the hospital. The mother was drunk. To get to the kids, the guards had to call emergency workers to break down the door.

by the Way, the district knows this family. Girls, for fear of the mother, has repeatedly ran away from home. One time she hid from friends, second — kosherica. But the drunk mother beat the elderly woman. After that, the other tenants are afraid to stand up for the child.

Eight — year-old high school valedictorian, goes to the gym and taking care of my brother and sister. She complained to an adult, because of a drunken mother, the kids, the whole day did not eat.