Bastian Yotta is crying bitter tears in the jungle telephone


It was a memorable Moment in this year’s season of the jungle camps: Bastian Yotta (42) speaks only at the camp fire about his difficult Childhood and the phone loses a little bit later in the Jungle completely. In tears, he reported that he had been beaten by his father. Daily. With a stick. Now, the Accused self-reports. In an Interview with “RTL” tells the story of Joseph Gillmeier that the allegations of his son would not correspond to the truth.

“I beat Bastian never. There was no floor in our home,” says Gillmeier. His son do it just to get attention. He wishes Bastian “everything really Good, but the lies have to burst the bubble!” In addition, Papa Gillmeier published on his Instagram Account, extracts from a speech, his son on the occasion of the 50. Birthday is said to have held his father.

nothing of the allegations is to be read, on the contrary: “Dear Papa, I’m glad you’re the way you are.” To a Fan comment Gillmeier replied: “Unfortunately, Bastian is doing everything to attract the Public attention.” He had his wife with him “still love”: “He is our own flesh and blood!”

All the info to “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” in the Special case of RTL.de.



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