Leon Goretzka to the Ten, Thomas Müller as a false right-winger, Robert Lewandowski as a hanging lace and Mats Hummels in place of Jerome Boateng: in Spite of the well-known 4:2:3:1 system, Niko Kovac is surprised at the start of the return round at TSG Hoffenheim with drastic changes in the starting lineup. Gnabry and James were sitting, despite the lack of Robbery on the bench, Sandro Wagner was not even in the squad.

FC Bayern: Goretzka under Kovac regular players

in addition to Niklas Süle, the Kovac in defence, clearly as a set looking at, become, especially the Ex-Schalke Leon Goretzka to the key players in the two strong counter-pressing System of Bavaria. He played at the end of the first half of the season on the double-six and “stuffed holes,” as he gave after the game to log, so he could bring against Hoffenheim as tens of his physical Power and scoring chances. Two galleries of Goretzka, and a supremely dominant first half, FC Bayern put an impressive testimony.

3:1 in Hoffenheim respect for BVB! This Bayern want to be the master – but they are vulnerable to DPA

“We have found something”, glad of the focus on standing Kovac drew, laughing and raved of its Strengths: “He is a player that works in both directions very good, the defense of Europe, is fast, determined, can also go deep.” You can rewrite the prototype for Kovac-System. Freed from the holes and the strategic opening Game of the Six can make Goretzka now in every game the difference – for the next few years.

Old tactic, a more stable implementation in the first half of

At the beginning of the season, against Stuttgart, or in the first 30 minutes against Dortmund had to work the counter-pressing tactic, at the time, but in a slightly different staggered 4:3:3. it’s okay. Against Hoffenheim and Bayern, it is now so to dominate in a top game for about 45 minutes. In addition to Goretzka Kovac relies mainly on two more two fight and running strong, as well as goal-scoring-Pressing-players: Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski.

Social media reactions to ribéry’s obscene insults

Thomas Müller drew against Hoffenheim, despite the nominal wing roll to the inside and creating spaces such as scoring chances. Lewandowski, meanwhile, as the third captain, you could always fall back to the defense to pull apart and play stations for Thiago and co. create. So, the Trio employed the majority of the opponents. Alaba and Kimmich made, meanwhile, the game is wide, Coman cutting in time in the created spaces, like the knife through Butter, while Süle, Martinez and Hummels intercepted all extorted, long balls. The second half revealed, however, the great weakness of Niko Kovac.

In-Game-Coaching: Niko Kovac despondent and aimlessly

in 2006 and 2012, Germany lost against Italy, because Joachim Löw, the coach failed duel against Lippi and Prandelli. Particularly in 2012, the difference to the Italian coach was clear. While Prandelli after 15 minutes Pirlo from the man to cover for Kroos (sic!) took, held Löw conservative in his tactics and lost.

Perfect Illusion How does he do that? Jürgen Klopp is Xherdan Shaqiri in his jacket

Kovac disappearing acts similarly predictable. As a nail a man left his Team after the break, attacking sooner, and differently positioned, responded to Kovac, in spite of several hope Heimer opportunities in the 72. Minute – a conservative with a normal change of position that brought no improvement, or safety into the game for Bayern. Nail man saw it this way: “We have tried to get more pressure on the first series. Bayern took time to get used to it and it was only by the coming on of James (80.) better into the game. We played with the Ball a lot braver, not so long as in the first half.”

Liverpool is only Plan A to

Against Liverpool could Niko Kovac is set to the same starting line-up. To the Pressing machine, therefore, coming Klopp’s squad at Anfield, however successful, there also needs to be solutions and plans B to D beyond the 45 or 60 minutes of functioning of the standard variant. Somehow Kovac needs to teach his Team a tighter Defensive and under pressure-proof, quick passing game, otherwise this season could have been, despite currently positive results his first and last.

In the next column we take a look into the future and the past alike. Who is the best Bayern coach of all time? Where is Pep Guardiola, and where Niko Kovac joins after the season, in the eternal rank list of the FCB?


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