The shots are back again. Almost every day in Vidigal begins with the Popping of the guns, and knows each child. Time metallic. Times dull. Even a single shot. Once all the exchange of fire. To do this, thunder of firecrackers, with which the scouts of Gangs warn of the approaching police patrol.

The Soundtrack of the Morning.

In the alleys of the poor district in Rio’s South zone, the old wars: drug gang against drug gang romp again. Police against drug gangs.

first of all, the policemen

“stayed for Four years, it was relatively quiet. Now it comes back every day,” says Dona Elma, which operates in Vidigal, the auxiliary organization Ser Alzira de Aleluia. First, the police stayed away. They have not been paid by the gorges of the Federal state of Rio de Janeiro – or just too late. Some work only unmotivated, the other one with the “Milicia”, groups of Ex-cops and Criminals, the protection money from small businesses to blackmail. The police officer is often only pro Forma at the entrance of the Favela, Dona observed Elma. Patrols take place less frequently. The Power over the district has lost the police a long time ago on the gangs.

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Finally, the first teacher stayed away at the state school. They were also not paid, or only with months-long delay. A day starts to change with a fierce shot, the schools closed. Number of ways of hours, so that students can stay quite at home or on the road wander – easy prey for drug gangs, which recruit their offspring.

“The state school here is miserable,” says Dona Elma. “The level is low. We are trying to catch.” Dona Elma’s in the morning light on your Routine walk through the Serpentine streets of your neighborhood, high above Rio de Janeiro. She is a young-at-heart woman, the black hair, the first silver strands, the look is always full of fight and optimism – in spite of the difficult times. Children come to meet her on the steep hill and sprinting in the classrooms of their auxiliary organization, as they sought refuge or hope. It is both.

Jair Bolsonaro to finish the night all crises

violence, economic crisis and anger at the corrupt state are the main reasons why so many citizens in the presidential elections on October 7. October, the wisecracking chose right-wing populists Jair Bolsonaro, in Vidigal. You want a hero, an iron Hand, someone who frees you from all the crises. Bolsonaro want to arm citizens and put a premium prospect for police officers to shoot criminals. He is the big favorite for the victory in the second ballot on 28. October.

presidential election in Brazil, “tropical-Trump” Bolsonaro fails just at the total Triumph By Jan Christoph Wiechmann

“We have freed us the first 30 years of the dictatorship,” says Dona Elma in terms of the Ex-military Bolsonaro, who sells the dark years of military rule (1964-1985) as a success. In 2003 she founded together with her husband Antonio de Aleluia, the non-governmental organization Ser Alzira de Aleluia. Antonio was the first Black from Vidigal, made at the University, and his Ph. D. as an engineer. “We wanted to give other children the same opportunities,” he says. “Education is the only way out of poverty. But you need to have perseverance and devotion. The many do not have.”

The two of them are in the poor district of something like the counter-proposal to Bolosonaros radical concepts of the iron Hand. But also to the Gangs, the promise of quick money. More than 122 for these children and their year-round rates. Learn English and receive tutoring in subjects that the school offers. You will take courses in classical and modern dance and ballet. You play football on a small football ground between the huts high above the sea.

auxiliary organization is in urgent need of money

Mauricio, 8 years, almost daily in the three-storey building, even if no courses are running. It is like a second home for him, the son of a single mother. “I feel protected here somehow,” he says. “It is my second school.” His sister, Paraiba, 12, Proudly presents their first sentences in English, which she learned here in the classroom. You exercise just forms of Denial. “I don’t have school today. She doesn ’t work in a factory any more.” Records from the Brazilian reality. Paraiba would like to make a high school and a tourism study, an idea that you came here in the English lessons.


class room, dance hall, football ground: The children are able to learn at Ser Alzira de Aleluia English, ballet classes or play soccer.

©Ser Alzira de Aleluia

Even adults stop by often for Ser, which has become something of a community center. It offers training courses, psychological help and family therapy, is immensely important, especially in these years of violence and unemployment. And food donations for the parents to fall in addition, cakes, biscuits, change of clothes. This helps with an average salary of 1000 Reais, or the equivalent of 220 euros.

But the future is uncertain. “The donations stay away,” says Dona Elma. “A lot of people give in times of crisis, nothing more. We can no more pay for all teachers. From the state we have to get it anyway never see a Centavo.”

“Ser, it was always my second home,”

Eduardo, 20, has become with the organization. He rose, even as a small Boy in the tutoring and is now well on the way to Uni. He has oriented to the founders Antonio and is his great Pride. At the same time, he is a role model for the next Generation. “When my parents went to work, or a break needed, it was always my second home,” says Eduardo moves.

Currently, he is preparing for the admission test for the University, the Vestibular. Also, he wants to study. He also wants to as the founder of a good Job outside the Favela. But Vidigal leave? This is for Eduardo in question. He wants to improve the Favela for so long until schools finally work, and the security returns. Until no longer a child sees a future in crime, and no voters are chasing a right pied Piper.


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