As Budyonny helped the chief General of the Wehrmacht to conquer half of Europe

The second world war 26/03/20 As Budyonny helped the chief General of the Wehrmacht to conquer half of Europe.

Responsible for the defeat of German troops on the Eastern front is the commander Franz Halder. After his failures in 1941-1942, the Wehrmacht lost the strategic advantage, and only delayed their inevitable defeat. Halder graduated from the Bavarian military Academy, and in 1938 was appointed commander of the land forces. His post he held until 24 September 1942, after which he was sent by Hitler to resign. The strategy of blitzkrieg allowed the Germans to 1939-19400 years to conquer almost all of Europe, but in Russia it didn’t work. But why did this happen, you need to understand more.

What is the blitzkrieg

It is a lightning-fast offensive with the destruction of enemy forces and infrastructure. Conditionally can be called blitzkrieg German invasion of Denmark in 1864, Austria in 1866 and France in 1871. All these wars were quick victory was achieved with powerful punches. In the First World war, such tactics have not worked, as the army became larger and break them in a couple of weeks without success. At the beginning of hostilities they had time to dig in and create fortifications that it was difficult to get a simple assault.

the Idea to create a quick and mobile army was on the surface. It was first implemented in the major European armed conflict since the First World war – the civil war in Russia in 1917-1922 year. It was extensively used Makhno with his famous machine-gun carts. The greatest popularity was gained by the cavalry army of Budyonny. So blitzkrieg became relevant again.

the German commander, Hans von Sekt also pondering over the task of a quick war that it is not passed in positional phase. He developed the tactic of blitzkrieg, which was then improved by Guderian, Halder and Hitler. Sects have decided that for quickwow the invading army need not cavalry, as at Budyonny, and tanks and planes. The rest of the tactical idea was the same. In 1919 Sects violated the Treaty of Versailles and began working on the creation of weapons. Work began on the creation of tanks and airplanes, testing them and training crews.

Halder’s Diary

In the source “F. Halder, Military diary. M., 1968-1971, recording from 23.06.1941” is the record that Haider attributed the invention of rapid mass offensive of the Budyonny. In addition, he also mentioned Timoshenko and Voroshilov as the best Russian commanders at the beginning of the war. During the summer battles of 1941, Halder feared that Budyonny in the rear will accumulate a movable army, which will deal a quick blow to the Wehrmacht.

the Rest of the Russian command Halder into account not taken and considered tactically much weaker than the German. In the first days of the war to their style of warfare he treated with contempt. In July 1941, he wrote that the Russian attack with machine gun fire, and then sent into battle without infantry support, shouting “Hurrah.” Hence, they have such big losses.

Halder mediocre thought and tactics of fighting Russian soldiers. But after a few fights, he acknowledged that since the cavalry Budennogo she has undergone a qualitative change. Russians have found ways to resist the German blitzkrieg. Soviet aircraft, tanks and infantry almost everywhere held back the German offensive. They destroyed the tank wedges and didn’t allow the Wehrmacht to win a quick victory in the war. Subsequently, Halder lamented his underestimation of the opponent and acknowledged the failure to generate in addition to other tactics of blitzkrieg, which was the reason for the defeat.

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