"What more could I ask for from God?" ask me, Christian. He has done it. To Canada, into the land of dreams. Christian is 30, a mountain of a man, but in this Moment he seems to be very small. When he talks about his personal journey, his troubles and doubts and those who had no such luck.

He doesn’t want me to publish his full name. "It’s not about me," he says, "it’s my story. It is such a privilege to speak with you. You promise me, that you can tell just my story, right?" Almost, I am overwhelmed by its Pathos. But I believe him. FOL

so Why Canada? "I have seen the potential here. I’m black and had the feeling: of Course I can go for example to the UK, but there I would be always perceived as an African," he says. The Canadians are different.

Canada punished discrimination consistently

Not perfect, the white Christian, but here you are talking not only about Anti-discrimination. "In the current Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so represented by almost every ethnic group in Canada," he says. In every employment contract there are clauses against bullying and discrimination. "The people here take this very seriously, the consequences are not hard, if you violate the rules. You can’t discriminate against just anyone. In such a case, colleagues or other people would come immediately and would say: This is our way, it doesn’t work here." 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

FOCUS Online launches a new and constructive Reportage series. The target: perspectives for Germany’s social and societal future. What other countries do better and what you can learn Germany from international models? To find answers, travel 14 FOCUS-Online-a Reporter in 14 different countries.

All of the already published stories, you can find here.

at the police station, people with different ethnic backgrounds have to work together. The potential for Aggression lowers a lot. Anyway, people from all over the world, the enthusiastic Christian: "Here I am blessed. I have expanded my Knowledge, I have also developed culturally very strong. I have the feeling that I can appreciate my fellow human beings now worth much more. We are all a part of the community."

We go outside, in the Bus. There happened what had been announced Christian to me: Soon, a young man speaks to him, Manuel, he came a couple of years ago from Central America. I had not been paying attention for a Moment, as both are already deep in conversation, give the Hand, as we get off. He knew Manuel? "no", says Christian, laughing, "so runs the just here frequently."

Self-evident encounter

Christian explained to me that he felt so slow to secure, at the beginning, he had had a great respect for it, to speak with a journalist from Germany about such a personal topic. Here it is bubbling all the time about him: "I would have kept it never used to be possible to entertain me so, of course, with a White as it is now with you."

Who wants to immigrate to Canada, takes discipline and perseverance, a message that Christian is very important: Expect little, bar a lot. Very much: "I will work significantly more and harder than in Africa, because here I feel at last a sense, here I have found my destiny."

Christian went to Nigeria to school and studied law, took three years time to prepare and then put his immigration application. The canadian authorities investigated him completely, no criminal record, all of the necessary documents, a letter to the canadian Embassy in Abuja, then the unlimited residence permit. "A Marathon, not a Sprint," he says, "who otherwise is a liar." And in Canada, back to the Uni. "here You have to improve your skills quickly, whether you like it or not."

a lawyer from Nigeria describes the way to Canada

he was Olalere of Kehinde, a lawyer, also with Nigerian roots, living in Canada. This is the advantage for many immigrants: Everyone can find here, a familiar community, the easier for him to get started. So Christian may have been working for four years in Canada as a lawyer. FOL Christian works in the law offices of Taiwo (left) and Kehinde Olalere

Although, or perhaps precisely because Canada is so wonderful, has long since not everyone has the same Chance as Christian. "Not always, if someone can’t make it, it is his own fault. Sometimes it is the way of skin you legs and you can do nothing", he says. "Who says the refugees to go back to their country, has no idea what you went through on the Mediterranean sea or in the Sahara. No one is yet quite right in the head, leaves his country just like that." He turns away, wipes her eyes.

The tears quickly return. "I had also have days where I’m crying and woke up and asked myself: was I mistaken?" says Christian. What to hold: "The people here are incredible. They are very honest kind, that is not a cliché. That was me at the beginning of almost scary, I thought, play me something. And it doesn’t matter in what part of the country."

Furthermore, and this is probably even more important reason, was in Nigeria for him a cul-de-SAC. "I always had the feeling that something is missing", says Christian. "I have asked myself the question of who I want to be. People are always looking for the next objective." In Canada, he can’t be someone he knew earlier.

he Has achieved everything he had dreamed for himself? Christian is on the target? "It goes on and on, I can and still needs to be better. I am guilty, I am the Land here is guilty", he says. And adopted. He is looking forward to the troubles that still lie in front of him.

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