the question there is no clear answer. Also, courts assessed this question in different ways. The Frankfurt am Main regional court has decided that it is reasonable for a tenant, and mold prevention for three to four Times a day to ventilate (Az. 2-17 S 51/14, judgment of 16.01.2015). In contrast, the regional court Aachen ruled that a lack of the apartment, if the tenant must be more than two Times a day by air (Az. 2 S 327/14, judgment dated 02.07.2014).

The owners ‘ Association Haus und Grund advises to lift between two and four Times a day, depending on how high the humidity in the room. It is undisputed that the tenant is responsible to remove the humidity. Best offer on

the PDF explains What is hardly a tenant knows… Our PDF guide you of your rights and obligations as a tenant and explains to brake the Rental price.To the PDF guide

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