As Israeli spy stole the secret report of Khrushchev to the twentieth Congress of the CPSU

History 21/03/20 As Israeli spy stole the secret report of Khrushchev to the twentieth Congress of the CPSU

the court In February 1956. Three years have passed after the death of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) Joseph Stalin. With his death the cold war between the USSR and the USA not only ended, but also began to gain momentum. As a result of complex hardware struggle to power in the Soviet Union came Nikita Khrushchev. He became one of the initiators of the twentieth Congress of the CPSU, which was designed to determine the policies of a superpower in the near future.

the Whole world froze in anticipation of what will happen next? In what direction will the Soviet Union? Whether to continue a strict policy of Stalin and the new leadership will set the course for reconciliation with the United States?

the twentieth Congress of the CPSU on 25 February 1956. He passed in conditions of strict security measures in the hall were not allowed not only foreigners but also members of the party guest’s mandate. What Khrushchev said the Congress did not know no one outside of the Kremlin. In this regard, just for the day, the text of the report of the Congress was the most important document on the planet. All the world’s intelligence began to look for ways to get the coveted report.

In the end, a secret document, the protection which the Soviet intelligence agencies had so much energy, was published in “the new York times,” June 4, 1956, and then shattered the American and world media. It became possible thanks to special operation of the Israeli intelligence Shin bet.

At these words, it is possible to provide some top-secret operation, developed by the top officials of Israeli intelligence. Brought up Hollywood movies imagination to paint the pictures of how the special squad under the cover of night sneaks into the Kremlin, kidnaps the report, and firing, saved at the last moment on the helicopter, clutching the precious document. In life, all unfortunately (or fortunately), it was much more prosaic.

the fact that, in order to avoid conversations and gossip the text of the report was sent to the heads of the Communist parties of the socialist countries. The leak occurred in Poland. While in Warsaw, worked Victor Graevskaya (nee spielman) – journalist and employee of the Polish press Agency. Just a year before the twentieth Congress was the first time he appeared in Israel, where he was recruited by the newly formed Israeli intelligence. The leadership of the Jewish state wanted to be informed of any plans of the USSR for Israel, therefore, tried to introduce their people in various Soviet institutions.

As a member of the press, Graevskaya was aware of the fact that Khrushchev read out some sensational text, which was an object of interest of the intelligence world. According to some rumors, the US President Dwight Eisenhower allocated for the operation on receipt of a report of about half a million dollars.

At the time, Graevskaya had a romantic relationship with a girl called Lucia Baranovskaya, who worked in the Central Committee of the Polish Communist party. One day he came to her at work to invite her for coffee, but she was very busy. While the journalist was talking to his lover, his eyes fell on a red folder on the table. On it was stamped “top secret” and the name “twentieth Communist party Congress, Khrushchev’s speech”. First Graevskaya could not believe my eyes: the most wanted document in the world lying right in front of him. Quickly gathered, he relaxed Baranovskaya asked briefly to borrow the report, and received consent.

With a treasured folder armpit Graevskaya went to the Israeli Embassy, to his friend Yaakov Barmore. Then the reporter did not know that Barmar he is a Shabak agent. The reaction of Marmora was similar: at first he paled, then asked to read the document. Getting him back in half an hour, Graevskaya returned it to the table Baranovskaya. His role in this story ended. Already in 1957 he repatriated to Israel.

Barmer first plane took off to Vienna, where he was handed over a photocopy of the document to his boss – GLAve the Shin bet Amos Manor. The same evening the Prime Minister of Israel, Ben-Gurion read the text of the report of Khrushchev at the twentieth Congress of the CPSU. He was confronted with a difficult choice – what to do with the document? As a result of long reflection, he decided to give it to the Americans to strengthen relations between the two countries. The report has been submitted for free, but under one condition – the signing of an agreement on the exchange of information.

the Price for such a valuable document was small, so CIA Director Allen DULLES agreed without objection. However, the Americans could not believe that they outplayed the exploration of micro, emerged on the map just a few years ago. As a result of long audit report was submitted to President Eisenhower. Without thinking, he ordered to give the text of the document public.

the Effect of the published report was enormous. Thanks to this RAID, which occurred virtually by accident, in the global consciousness has arisen the myth of the omnipotence of the Israeli intelligence. Despite the fact that since then passed more than a decade, and the Israeli secret service had a number of high-profile failures, this myth is still alive.

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