Why the problem with Somali pirates managed to solve only Arab sheiks

Crime 21/03/20 Why the problem with Somali pirates managed to solve only Arab sheiks

Many people hear the word “pirate”, are one-eyed sailor with a wooden leg, but the modern Somali pirates look completely different. Although the colors of their robes was undoubtedly influenced by the successful Hollywood movie “pirates of the Caribbean”.

fish Stocks in the outcome, take up arms

Freed from colonial rule, the tribes in Somalia began a bloody civil war that continues with the 60-ies of the last century. Ten years later the coast is not formed States marked the first cases of piracy. Opponents of violence poached, catching fish along the coast of Somalia. Since the state existed only nominally, fishing was done by all and Sundry. It is not surprising that by the year 2000, fish stocks are fully exhausted. Since 2005 began to receive various reports of seizures of ships by Somali pirates. The attempt of Ethiopia to intervene without success.

the Heyday of piracy falls on the Puntland – a self-declared state which was formed on the territory of the former Somalia. UN officials believe that behind this organized crime. Tankers, representing the entire floating pirate base, support this theory. Simple fishermen do not have adequate resources to organize such enterprises.

it is Noteworthy that in Somalia there is a stock exchange, the shareholders of which receive income not only from money but also fuel, weapons and even drugs. The country was actually divided between the five pirate gangs, the total number of which exceeded 1,000.

2010 turned out to be the most “profitable”: he managed to hijack 47 vessels and to ransom for the sum about 240 million dollars. Average production per year is about 150 million dollars, while Nansenth damage is estimated at $ 15 billion (according to Geopolicity Inc).

the Most coveted booty of the pirates became ocean-going supertankers that at an initial cost of 250 million dollars was given for a ransom of $ 3 million. Since the commercial court are without weapons, the pirates carried minimal risk while capturing. Representatives of the Somali Diaspora have worked as agents, passing all necessary information about the routes pirates. In return they received part of the “earned” money in Somalia began to develop a system of online payments.

the Money the pirates sometimes got even without having access to the sea. The leader of the group Amina Abdi Haier transferred the award in the amount of 20 million euros for the promise to dissolve the band and retire. The actions of the pirates contributed to the development of two industries: insurance and the services of private military companies.

Fighting pirates

the First time the pirates were rebuffed in 2008, when they took the yacht “Le Ponant” (France). The prisoners were recaptured in the result of the work of members of the elite GIGN service. Some EU countries jointly carried out the operation “Atalanta” in the same year. To participate in the “violence” above the pirates of Somalia decided, and China, but it did not bring the desired result. Although the actions of the Russian special forces, who spent the release operation of tanker Moscow University was tough and decisive, piracy in Somalia continued to thrive.

the Problem was put to an end when two rich Sheikh from Abu Dhabi spared no expense on hiring soldiers of the PMC Blackwater Erik Prince. As a result of several raids of a detachment of the Puntland Maritime Police Force of the Somali pirates forgot for 5 years.

March 13, 2017, it was reported about the capture of the Iranian tankers. After a time, the ship was released without ransom. From that moment the fate of the Somali pirates remains unknown.

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