As Russian soldiers survive in extremely cold conditions

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to Serve the soldiers and officers of Russia are in the coldest areas of the country and even in the Arctic, where the interests of the state in the future can be at risk, too rich offshore territory has a huge potential and Maritime passage in the Arctic. Therefore, our country requires a permanent military presence in the Arctic regions, and hence the soldiers somehow have to adapt to extreme weather conditions.

Experience of life in the Arctic gives rise to a variety of life hacks to combat the cold. Some of them are well-forgotten folk ways to stay dry and warm. For example, boots are perfect to protect from cold in General, but here is the problem of the March through the snow interspersed with water – even for boots it’s not easy and it requires a soldier’s wit. In this case, it is possible to act on the principle, long ago described by the Russian writer Mikhail Prishvin, to drop the boots into the hole for a minute if you have to go on the wet ground: “Wet boots in the frost top is immediately covered by an ice crust; this crust is in the icy water melts and water does not pass”. And the boots securely retain feet warm.

an Important role in a person’s ability to withstand the cold plays food: onions and garlic enhance immunity, hot tea helps to warm you up, and fat helps to build fat reserves, which is an energy source and protect the internal organs from the cold. But there is this product different purpose: in emergency conditions, it can lubricate the exposed areas of the skin, so as not to weathered and not get frostbite, you can even lubricate the weapon.

Another hack, who invented Arctic motorized infantry is to learn from the experience of Northern aboriginal people. When a brutal cold and are not always properly functioning appliances, and then to help people come animals. Motorized infantry and reconnaissance soldiersYateley company separate Arctic brigade SF in Murmansk region has already mastered dog and reindeer sledding. And as the points of heating, the soldiers used the plague (traditional dwellings of the local nomadic peoples). The idea, by the way, is not new – during the great Patriotic war to transport crews to the North as draft animals used deer (over 10 thousand). Deer are agile, don’t get tired easily, can pass through the dense forest and on the ice. When performing some tasks they are more efficient machinery, so their capacity for a long time be in demand. Incidentally, in the U.S. military who will serve in cold conditions, also trained to use horse-drawn transport.

do Not sit idly by and military developers: a soldier’s wit is good, but need technology. FAN (Federal news Agency) in February 2019 published data on the Russian military uniform of the “Warrior-Arctic” is able to protect the soldier, even at temperatures below -50 degrees Celsius. This outfit set includes polarized glasses, heat mask, vest, electric blankets, a jacket and pants with insulation, wicking underwear, mittens, long sweater. This costume is without fear for the health of up to 6 hours to be in the cold up to -60 degrees Celsius. Of particular interest, of course, a vest with three tableelement. Located in the area of the chest and lumbar heaters emit infrared waves, heating the tissue and protects from the cold vital areas of the body. The battery can operate up to 22 hours (and 4 hours at high power without interruption). Additional protection of special insoles for shoes. The ergonomics of the uniform allows you to wear a bulletproof vest and does not interfere with the use of small arms.

There are special army of laptops and tablets in cold conditions, Arctic ATVs, snowmobiles. All this allows troops to act with modern methods. Today Russia in the Arctic there are several military bases, four teams, 14 new airports (tactical), 16 ports. New technologies and the traditional ingenuity of the Russian soldier can secure Russia’s solid dominance in the Arctic, control of which could soon bring the country great wealth.

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