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Taossky rumble called prolonged low-frequency noise of unknown origin that were fixed in different times, remote from each other parts of the world. Heard it at the same time a rather large group of people in the North of Europe, in the UK, Russia and some other parts of the Earth.

very often this hum record in the United States, in the district of the town of Taos, located in the state of new Mexico. Hence, in fact, the name of a natural phenomenon. About the sounds reported by so many Americans – there were also complaints to the authorities – that in 1997 the U.S. Congress approved the creation of a group of scientists and send it to these places to study mysterious hum Taossky.

Geophysical version: goole Earth

Some witnesses of this strange phenomenon describe it as very unpleasant, causing anxiety and even panic low rumble, similar to the work of many diesel engines somewhere in the distance. Others have likened it to the noise flying low over the ground plane. Still others – like the movement of a huge column of heavy equipment at a remote highway.

it was more or less successful attempts to capture the hum on tape. But the main question is, where is the source of the hum, still has no precise answer. There are many theories as to its origin. One of them is geophysical. It all started back in 1995, when the Kola Superdeep borehole drilling took place.

With strong penetration in the breed – up to 12 km under the ground could be heard a long low frequency rumble. The same as in Taos. A similar phenomenon is observed in many deep wells. Scientists have even dipped into different wells of the MICS to capture that sound. The conclusion suggests itself: the hum is formed by the movement of tectonic plates deep beneath the planet’s surface.

It is stronger when closerXia time of the earthquake. Concentrated in the depths of the planet’s enormous energy as if breaks out, producing a frightening roar. And the louder the volume, the greater the likelihood of imminent cataclysm. This will take some of the scholars tried to predict earthquakes.

man-made version: manmade

The first evidence of the phenomenon was recorded in the 70’s. It happened in the UK, in Bristol. Residents began to complain of low frequency sound that lasted very long, periodically repeated and did not give them rest. A local newspaper appealed to the public to confirm this fact. In response, about 800 people said in the affirmative that indeed such a rumble was heard.

First, the authorities appealed to are located near Bristol industrial enterprise, attempting to accuse him of pollution “acoustic ecology” of the area. The owners denied this, claiming that the sound of the enterprise simply can not be heard so far away.

In this case, quite often mysterious hum associated with the work of man. Geologists claim that during mining and other activities “disturbed” the planet emits like a prolonged groan. In 1982, in Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk there has arrived group of American scientists. Working in partnership with a geologist Alexey Dmitriev warned them that America in the near future expects a series of cataclysms.

the Scientist explained that on the East coast of the U.S. there are many high-voltage power lines. The frequency of the current in them is equal to 60 Hz. Exactly the same lithospheric have natural currents of the planet. The result is a kind of “circuit” that can cause earthquakes. His words were confirmed 2 years later.

the version of the weather: the melting of ice

According to another, a small group of researchers, the noise can produce the melting of the ice. When breaking the bonds between hydrogen atoms occurs a slight crackle. It is impossible to catch any appliances, but when such gaps trillions (or even more), just appears the mysterious drone that bothers so many people on the planet.

Version apocalyptic

supporters of the theory of doomsday are sure taossky hum – the sound of those trumpets, you know that Herald the coming Apocalypse. This explains the prevalence of the phenomenon and its characteristics.

the Sound you hear in a different way among themselves not connected regions. The sound source is not visible, and to understand, where is the noise, not possible. It’s like he’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Believers are just so-so menacing sound of the angelic trumpets, which will announce the sinners on the Last day and the approaching last judgment.

version of the ad

Skeptics refute all previous versions, referring to the mass panic generated by the skillful campaign of 2011-2012. At that time in Hollywood has finished shooting several paintings about the Apocalypse (“Alien invasion: Battle for Los Angeles 2″, Red state”, etc.). Here clever marketers came up with the alleged hoax with taossky roar to a naive audience to believe in the authenticity of predicted scenes.

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