As SMERSH was looking for enemies among the women of the red army

History 26/03/20 As SMERSH was looking for enemies among women-red

assessment of the work of SMERSH during the great Patriotic war the General population varies significantly, depending on political views and personal life experience. They go to extremes, claiming that counterintelligence was almost exclusively engaged in seeking out enemies where there are none, more exposing unjust repression of the innocent than catching the real spies. Which was not at all. The other extreme is that spies were everywhere. Which is close to the official Soviet point of view shown in the books and films of military and post-war time. Judging by what was shown and wrote people, the number of German spies was so great and they were caught in such numbers that they can be equipped with several divisions. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle, but to tell reliably which of the extremes of this “middle” is closer — it’s hard.

a Lot or a little spies and saboteurs the Germans were sent to us — hard to say, but the counterintelligence was not a sinecure. The medals they were given not only for years of service, and often posthumously.

Knowing the Soviet system and what is known about the work of counterintelligence organs, we can say with certainty that spies were much smaller than those who fought with them. And it is undoubtedly well and good, but only on one side. If the counterintelligence require a result, their work is to identify spies and such to them, the Germans did not send in Soviet reality it has always led to tragic consequences. Once there is no enemy, and his need to find, you have to assign. And if there are no real spies, it is possible to identify at least those who are unreliable, not trustworthy, so to speak, of potential enemies. Among them were those who lived in the occupied territory, had relatives there. And if the nationality is not himselfAya suitable — here’s the right reason for business establishments.

it So happened that the most suitable candidates to the attention of Special departments were women serving in the army. And in red there was more than in other armies of the world. And they served not only in the rear units, but also on the front. In fact, consider nurses who pulls out on itself wounded from the battlefield, under fire, and logisticians as the language is not rotated. Which, by the way, was not in any army in the world, including Russian. If women are somehow in the thick of the battle, it was a rare exception. But, in addition to medical services, women were involved in many of the rear units and staffs of all levels.

Here are some examples of test results of civilian persons in parts and organs of the rear of the 5th army, dated 4 December 1941. In the dining room of the Supreme command staff identified the waitress, who lived before the war in Poland had long been in the occupied territory. In fact, any bodies at the beginning of December would be interested in how this woman was near Moscow, if it was in the West of Belarus? In the other dining room was the waitress, and another woman in the kitchen who were also in the occupied territory. In an army px typist worked polka, which had no information about a past life. At the headquarters of the army he worked as a translator, who in 1931 moved from Poland, my husband is German.

the results of this test, according to a memo to the Special Department of the 5th army from December 5, that is, through the day, was “withdrawn from units and establishments of the 5 armies 25 women.” The term “seized” sounds menacing, but it is still only resignation. As the document further says that be dismissed a lot more and the Special branch will continue to work in this direction. On the one hand, the above examples from the document, of which there are many in every army, shows that many women in the rear really attract the attention of organicthe counterintelligence deservedly so.

And with another — the most part of suspicious behavior is explained in the same document, where all these women indicate that they are “depraved in the sexual relationship.” And many examples, when the posts of health workers or typists suddenly find themselves barbers or actress due to the desire of commanders to attach near a “warm place” of women with whom they are in intimate relationships. And it is clear that in this situation, the appearance in the rear parts of many of the females occurs in the ways that attract the attention of counterintelligence.

it was a mass Phenomenon during the war and existed at all levels. Although, of course, in Soviet times wrote about it.

I Wonder about this says the Marshal of Soviet Union A. I. Yeremenko in his book “the Years of retribution.” When you publish much struck censorship, and published the deleted partitions only in 2000.

Yeremenko writes that cohabitation officers was massive, only according to his staff he cites 68 cases. However, he notes that many women not only lived along with officers and generals, but also attended operational meetings and giving orders. That is, could be aware of all cases. And information to which they had access, could really be of great value to the enemy. But, as far as is known, no cases of spies among the girlfriends of the high command of the red Army was found.

However, during the war female personnel of military units, especially the rear, was under the close supervision of Special departments. And if suspects were identified quickly, the facts “of sexual depravity command structure” was so massive that the work of the NKVD had in the entire war.

Cyril Shishkin

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