Leonid Brezhnev: the mystery of the death of the

History 26/03/20 Leonid Brezhnev: the mystery of the death of the “leader” of the USSR

According to the official version, the death of Leonid Brezhnev was due to sudden cardiac arrest. Despite his poor state of health of the Secretary General, his unexpected death has caused a lot of misunderstandings. And no wonder: some of the circumstances of the departure of Brezhnev’s life still seem, at least, strange.

Health Secretary General

Many questions surround the testimony of the witnesses who described the last hours of the life of Leonid Brezhnev. If you believe the author of the publication “Who put Gorbachev?”, Alexander Ostrovsky, despite health problems, in October-November 1982, Brezhnev led a fairly active lifestyle. As expressed by Ostrovsky, the General Secretary as if a second wind: he participated in the negotiations, presented awards, traveled around the country, hunted, and during a demonstration marking the anniversary of the October revolution, many hours stood on the balcony of the Mausoleum. According to Ostrovsky, in these days of Brezhnev felt fine even the pressure he had as an astronaut, 120 over 80.

the Program “Time”

In connection with well-being 9 November 1982, Leonid Ilyich had been working much longer than usual: he handled the paperwork this afternoon. Writes Roy Medvedev in his book, “Political portraits,” the Secretary General went to the cottage in the District only about half past seven in the evening. And this fact is not in doubt. However, continue to start confusion. For example, according to the documentary film of Alexey Pimanova, “the Kremlin-9” that night, being already in the country, Brezhnev went to bed, looking, as usual, the news release. But the security guard of Leonid Brezhnev Vladimir Medvedev claimed that his “mentee” from watching your favorite “Time” refused. Didn’t mention the news in his stories and wife Brezhneva, Viktoria Petrovna.


in addition to the disagreement of the witnesses, in relation to the newawn, some historians think it strange and preceded the death of Secretary General of the dinner. So, Sergey Kremlev, author of the book “Why Stalin killed? The crime of the century”, even compares the passing of the Brezhnev era with the departure of Stalin from life: in both cases, death has occurred after eating. In addition, according to the Kremlin (and this fact also remembered the security guard and Secretary General Vladimir Medvedev), after dinner Leonid Brezhnev complained of pain in the throat, but the doctor on call refused. However, the known Kremlin doctor Yevgeny Chazov in his memoirs, “Dance of death” says that similar symptoms Brezhnev was shown before. “He (Brezhnev) had complained that when walking he feels pain in his left hand and somewhere in the throat,” recalled Chazov.

Pills from Andropov

the same Yevgeny Chazov said that the results of the ECG along with a clinical picture left no doubt in the diagnosis of atherosclerosis of vessels of heart and coronary failure. But in addition to these ailments, Brezhnev, as you know, suffered from insomnia and, as a result addicted to certain drugs. Supposedly in this regard, specifically for Leonid Brezhnev, according to the author of the book “Who cooked the collapse of the Soviet Union” Alexander Shevyakin, began to make a dummy medication. However, shortly before his death, Brezhnev did in his diary entry that received a “yellow” tablets from the hands of Yuri Andropov, who after the death of Leonid Brezhnev and took his place.

No physician

the above facts and the diagnosis does not tally with the fact that at the time of the death of Leonid Brezhnev at the dacha outside Moscow was not a single doctor. The staff of the CPSU Victor Gain surprised, they say, usually in a motorcade of Secretary has always followed the “reanimation” car, “in that ill-fated night one of the doctors near him was not”. And Mr Medvedev, who wrote a book “the Sins of Brezhnev and Gorbachev. Memories of the bodyguard”, lamented the fact that the whole world knew about the state of health of Brezhnev, but the country was not built mdpunkt. Even the duty nurse to the Secretary-General the attached was not. “It’s not negligence, it is a crime,” — said Medvedev.

Time of death

no Wonder to save Brezhnev couldn’t. Even Yevgeny Chazov, if you believe Eugene Dodolev, the author of the publication “the Case of Galina Brezhneva”, rushed to the cottage before the carriage “ambulance”. According to the official conclusion, the death of Leonid Brezhnev came in 8 hours and 30 minutes. However, some researchers believe it’s the wrong time, and may be intentionally distorted. The fact that, according to Victoria Petrovna, who suffered from diabetes mellitus, the nurse gave her a shot of insulin about 8 o’clock in the morning. At this time Brezhnev was still alive, as he rolled over on the bed in front of his wife. When Brezhnev had Breakfast, the guards went to Wake up the Secretary General realized that something had happened. Began a long resuscitation. Therefore, as writes in his book, “Bells of alarm” Anatoly Tereshchenko, the death of the Secretary General could not be ascertained before 10.30.

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