As Stalin used their twins

History 18/03/20 As Stalin used their twins

they Say that every ruler necessarily picks the twins, who replaced him in different situations. According to legend, most of them were Stalin – called different numbers, from 12 to 20. What is known about Stalin’s twins, really?

Who is buried Kirov?

Historian Valery Malevanny claims that during the funeral of S. M. Kirov in 1934, the leader replaced one of the twins. Supposedly in OGPU reports that the day of the funeral, Stalin would be assassinated. Many then drew attention to the strange behavior of Stalin – he was unusually quiet and tried to stay out of the way… According to the same Daub, another in 1929, the head of Stalin’s security, General Vlasik demanded at rallies instead of Stalin with the workers was talking with the double, in order not to repeat a situation similar to the attempted assassination of Lenin by Fanny Kaplan at the Michelson factory. They say that first began to play the role of Stalin a. Rashidov, a native of the North Caucasus. Usually he replaced Secretary General at events where I didn’t want to talk too much, for example, on the podium during the November demonstrations. Rashidov died during the assassination attempt on Stalin: a tuple, which allegedly was driving the Secretary General, подорвался2 a mine, driving through Red square. But fortunately, an armored vehicle was not Stalin… According to another version, Rashidov lived happily until 1991.

“Chief,” the stand

the Most famous among Stalin’s alleged doubles have earned an accountant from Vinnitsa Evsey Lubezki. His story he told before his death in an interview with foreign journalists. According to Lopiccolo, in 1937, after him came the NKVD “black vortex” and permanently taken away from the family. The role of “leader” he was trained for six months in a safe house in the suburbs. He underwent two plastic surgeries to increase corporate farmsdstvo with the “original”. Lubezki believed that all members of this preparatory operation was subsequently executed. Perhaps for this reason was destroyed and the head of service of state security, Genrikh Yagoda. It Lobectomy often had to stand instead of Stalin on the Mausoleum, and to attend numerous meetings with foreign delegations. Stalin often went check: put Lopiccolo in his chair, that he met his subordinates who came with the reports. Even people from the inner circle of the leader, Kalinin, Molotov, Yezhov did not notice the substitution… His “work” Lubezki performed as much as 15 years. But he disliked Beria, who somehow saw him as a competitor. In 1952 Lopiccolo on trumped-up charges was arrested and sent to Solovki camp. After the death of the leader released him, but offered to choose accommodation in any of the cities of Central Asia. Lubezki received a personal pension, which he personally handed in the hands of the NKVD, and kept my mouth shut. He died in 1981 in Dushanbe.

Who put in the Mausoleum?

Another alleged double was actor Felix Dadaev, not just playing the role of Stalin in a newsreel. In 1943 he was taken to the cottage in Kuntsevo and there for hours they were forced to watch a film with Stalin, to work his facial expressions, movements and tone… According to Dadaeva, but him at that moment Stalin was still three double. First, in tasks Dadaeva was to appear in the right place to attract attention (for example, out of the Kremlin and to sit in the car) (while the leader remained in the Kremlin and secretly went the other way). Then he began to substitute for Stalin at meetings with friends at parties and parades. During the war Felix even read for Stalin reports on the radio.4 Shortly before his death, the suspicion of Stalin that would come to the point that his attending physicians had to examine one by one of several twins who were in different offices, and did not know who the real leader. In the conclusions of the pathologists made after the death of Stalin, somehow was no mention of such well-known traits of the leader, as the damaged left arm or webbed left foot. So there was a hypothesis that Stalin died in fact, much before the specified date 5 Mar 1953 and was replaced by a body double because it was profitable his immediate environment. However, to date there is no official evidence that Stalin used the services of doubles. So long as this information remains only at the level of rumors and legends.

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