As the Soviet Union and Poland exchanged territories in 1951

History 21/03/20 As Poland and the Soviet Union exchanged territories in 1951

In 1951 was the largest in the history of Polish-Soviet relations and the peaceful exchange of state territory. The agreement, which legalized this fact, was signed in Moscow on February 15. Square territories, due to the exchange were the same. Each was equal to 480 sq. km.

the initiator of the exchange was taken by the Polish Republic. She wanted to get in the possession of the oil fields in the lower-ostrica the area. In exchange for a Royal gift of the USSR was able to build “a convenient railway communication”. So was the official version.

In fact, the Soviet Union was interested in another bargain – the Lviv-Volyn coal Deposit. It is believed that because of him the government of the Soviet Union and initiated this whole process.

The countries exchanged

the contract has been clearly regulated that the Polish Republic and the Soviet Union share an absolutely equal size territories, “km”. All properties located on these lands, became the property of the new owner (country).

any refund to the previous owners are not entitled. When this property was going to be in good condition. According to the Treaty of 1951, the Soviet Union got the land in the Lublin Voivodeship; Poland passed a similar size part of the Drohobych region.

Together with the land of the country has received such real property:


– oil extraction (85 tonnes of oil/day);
– oil refinery (was at that time converted into woodworking);
– sawmill;
– 2 power plant;
– fully equipped telephone station in the Lower Ostrich;
– almost 8 thousand administrative buildings and residential houses;
– 17 km railway and 76 km of roads;
– dozens of schools, hospitals, cinema, etc.


65 km of Railways and 78 km highways;
– railway station and loading points (Sokal, Belz, Ulovec, etc.);
to 44 km high-voltage lines.
– more than 9 thousand of administrative buildings and private houses;
– distillery;
– Elevator;
– 2 brick plant, etc.

however, the country exchanged and arable land, forests, etc. All the property were made a special Commission, in composed of commissioners from the Polish and Soviet parties.

What happened to the population of these territories

According to the contract people living in the due exchange of the territories were subject to deportation. Was evicted the inhabitants of several dozen Ukrainian villages and cities Lower Ustriki (more than 32 thousand people). They were relocated to Odessa, Stalin (now Donetsk), Kherson and Mykolaiv region.

Polish citizens living on the territory, which was ceded to the Soviet Union were also deported and expelled partially into the Polish Republic, and partly on information received from the Soviet Union a plot of land. The population of both territories were resettled to specified lands until the middle of October 1951.

All the resettlement work was done in a accelerated pace. October 25 was completed the transfer of borders, the border troops allocated to new positions. November 17 countries signed the final contract. This happened in Lviv. So for 1 year Poland and the Soviet Union exchanged large parts of their national territories.

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