US singer Madonna has moved her music video for the Single “God Control” of criticism from Victims of gun violence on themselves. “The story you about to see is very disturbing”, it says at the beginning of the approximately eight-minute Clips. In the Video it is shown how a man with an automatic weapon on visitors of a dance club shoots. The poppy disco music-backed scenes reminiscent of the assassination in the night club “Pulse” in 2016, in Orlando, in the U.S. state of Florida, in which 49 people died. The Video should put a sign for stricter gun laws in the United States, such as Madonna announced on Twitter.

Survivors of the Pulse-attack as the Americans, Brandon Wolf, this production is criticized to the celebrity Portal “”. Madonna does not have paid tribute to the victims today, said the Wolf. It is not to understand, why are you returning to now – three years later, the events of artistic and yet no direct reference to the fact take.

For the victims is to look at Madonna’s Video “hard” “Like A Prayer” On Youtube sounds much better – Madonna schönt their ESC appearance

Patience Carter was 2016 also, in the “Pulse” said “” the Video had to look for you “hard”. In your opinion, this is not the right way to make on the issue. “To see for someone like me who has seen these pictures we really have seen these pictures really you this out of proportion once again, drama for views on YouTube – it felt very insensitive,” she said.

Madonna has triggered in their career, often with political messages Controversy. In 2003, for example, made a splash as she kissed at the MTV Music Awards Britney Spears on stage. A photo of this site tweeted in June 2016, according to the Orlando-Attenat. The singer’s “Stop Hate wrote. Stop Violence.” (Stop Hate. Stop Violence.)

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