The start was promising. In the first episode of “pair of diologie” outlines of Charlotte Roche and her husband, Martin Keß last week, the topics you want to discuss in your Podcast – and gave a taste of how explosive it could be.

These expectations seemed to be the now on Spotify released the second episode first, not quite adhered to. It’s a lively chat was, no question. Both spouses gave nothing and threw hard, but honest sentences in the head: “I thought you’re the exact opposite of my mother,” said Kess to his wife. “Then, at some point, the hard impact came in the reality, I’ve found: You’re just like my mother.” Roche returned the favor immediately with the statement: “You have a right helper complex with your wife.”

Charlotte Roche felt constricted

The Couple also spoke about his problems in the beginning of time. As the Transition was a failure of the symbiotic Phase in a state, in which both partners have more freedom. Roche told, she had felt at the time, suffocated and concentrated. Her husband had to learn to let go, so that he can keep.

the Second novel, “lap prayers” by Charlotte Roche: grief play, instead of sex scandal Of Carsten Heidböhmer

in General, it seems to have in the beginning of this pair is often cracked. “We were almost drunk all the time,” recalls Keß. In this time an experience that must have been for a long time like a dark shadow over the Couple of falls. Roche, the topic is now on the table – and suddenly the mood is darkening. It is immediately audible that it is made to.

“Why did you get me a child?” Charlotte Roche asks your Partner. The silence then only once in a long time. Only in the course of the conversation it becomes clear, what this question really aims to: Roche was at the beginning of their relationship, from Kess pregnant and aborted the child. An experience that the two have since, apparently, no longer talking.

“I thought, I get the”

Kess takes a lot of time for his answer. “Because we already have two, and because the only Situation where it was specifically, I was not absolutely able to get,” he says. “We were not together for a long time and for me it was so incredibly hard with the separation and my just-born son, and your just-born daughter, we have both brought. I didn’t think I get the point of the loyalty to my son.” He thought of the time anyway, due to the separation and divorce from his wife, he’ll tell everything, especially his son.

Roche speaks to a second thing, which is a burden to you in this context: “Can you still remember that you once said that you will find that I am not a good mother and that you think I’m too crazy to be a mother?”

injuries and trauma

He said the dispute, declared Keß now, and clarifies his view now: “I think you’re being a totally good and wonderful mother.” Both put here is a very adult and Mature way to talk about past injuries and traumas, to tell openly of their injuries, without this being perceived by others as accusatory. Hard stuff, no question.

According to this sinister subject, Roche gets in fact, even the curve and manages to release the handset with a cheerful mood. It tells of the reactions to the first episode of “pair of diologie”. Some listeners have reported that they have had during or after the Podcast Sex. An idea, like the two spouses. You can imagine almost that you do the same to the listeners.

source: Spotify



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