Assault brigade: how special forces fought the red Army

History 01/03/20 Assault brigade: how special forces fought the red Army

it would Seem that during the great Patriotic war in the Soviet army was not a unit that would have bypassed the attention of the authors of numerous books and movies which tells the tragic days of the war. However, ironically, such divisions existed. About parts of a special purpose, received the military name of “the fighter bunkers”, so far only known to professional military historians.

the Engineers special purpose

In the minds of the average citizen sapper is a man with a metal detector, slowly, step by step, making our way through a minefield. However, during the great Patriotic war, there was a profession whose task was the clearance not min, and the whole fortified areas of the enemy. Officially, these military units were called: assault engineer-sapper brigade of the reserve of Supreme Commander or simply “fighters bins”.

As you know, during the Second World war, the Germans showed themselves to be big fans of creating various well-fortified emplacements: bunkers, bunkers and bunkers. After the Red Army in 1943, went on the offensive, the German fortifications brought many problems for the Soviet soldiers and commanders. During their assault troops suffered heavy losses. To destroy such ground and underground fortifications on the orders of the command was formed assault brigade fighter bunkers. Their objective is the long-term destruction of the fortified emplacements of the Nazis.

As a rule, it was the Bunkers of steel and concrete, surrounded by several rows of barbed wire and minefields. Right behind them was located an artillery battery or motorized units of the enemy. The fight against such fortifications was a priority, NEAagenoy on “fighters bins”.

a Military plagiarism

Most interesting is that the idea of creating assault engineer-sapper brigades of the Soviet command borrowed from the Germans, who had similar military units during the First World war. The first fifteen assault brigade was created in the spring of 1943. Moreover, their personnel were recruited exclusively from technically competent and physically fit soldiers.

After investigation undertaken by the special engineering company, drawn up a detailed plan of the fortified Germans, and then developed the strategy of his assault. The first battle was the assault battalions. Each of the men was wearing a metal equivalent of the flak jacket, which was to protect the soldier from bullets and fragments of shells. Back in the bag, each attack aircraft was carrying explosives and all the necessary utensils to undermine it. In addition, soldiers were issued a bunch of grenades and bottles with “Molotov cocktail.”

Later at the armed stormtroopers entered the backpack flamethrowers. Firearms soldiers were equipped with PPSH machine guns and antitank guns. To carry such a large amount of weapons was not easy, especially during the attack, when to move had dashes.


During the attack assault engineer-sapper brigades has never been heard shouting “Hurrah”. The attack came silently. The stormtroopers needed possible as quietly as possible to get to the fortified Germans and destroy it. Carefully going through the minefields and barbed wire, the red army reached the German defenses, undermining them.

In the case where blasting is selected for the destruction of the object is not possible, loopholes, or Bunker entrance to the bunker threw grenades and Molotov cocktails. A big success was the detection of ventilation shafts, which were immediately blown up, forcing the defenders of the bunker to come out. Moreover, if it was possible to approach a fortified building from the rear, boytss assault brigades blew up the wall using explosives, creating a passage for the destruction of personnel emplacements of the Germans.

Especially shined assault engineering sapper brigade during street fighting in the German cities, when every house was a well-fortified fortress. The authorities were so satisfied with the operation of stormtroopers that tried to apply these units in almost all the most intense parts of the front. Unfortunately immediately after the war in 1946, these units were disbanded. The reason was the confidence of the military leadership of the country, that the next war will be nuclear, during which the fighter bunkers are no longer needed.

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