prostitutes, A former Children in the United States, was convicted of the murder of a Free to life imprisonment, has been pardoned. The Governor of the US state of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, explained his decision on Monday so that the penalty for the 30-year-old Cyntoia Brown, was “too harsh”. He called her case a “tragic and complex”.

brown’s case, had acquired some years ago by a documentary wide attention. Numerous celebrities – including actress Ashley Judd, Reality Star Kim Kardashian and singer Rihanna, a place for you.

Cyntoia Brown, a traumatized victim of human trafficking?

their supporters described Brown as a tragic victim of human trafficking. She ran away from home and was under the control of a violent pimp. At the age of 16 years, she shot a Free, formerly a sniper for the army and in his apartment, his weapons, and then brutally between the legs of Steffi shown. The fatal shot hit the victim in the back of the head, according to investigators, while it was asleep in bed.

#FreeCyntoiaBrown Why Rihanna and Kim Kardashian for a convicted murderer to fight

Cyntoia Brown Year old killed 16-a man by a head shot. She says, in self-defense. The state says: out of greed. The young woman serving a sentence of life imprisonment. Prominent Advocates want to change that.

Finn Rütten

A Jury convicted the young woman for murder to life imprisonment with the stipulation that she could only be released after 51 years in prison. The current pardon brown reasoned, Governor Haslam, you’ve made great efforts to make “your life”.

to autumn, you want to prepare for the

Brown will now be in August, on parole, released from prison after she has completed a Coaching for return to freedom. Their probation time, the Governor was fixed at ten years.

Brown thanked in one of the newspaper “the Tennessean” published a Statement to the Governor and their supporters. She promised “to do everything I can to get Your Faith to justify it to me”.

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