reported that After the rape of a 18-Year-olds through probably about ten men in Freiburg in mid-October (the star) police are looking for after an eleventh Suspect. Experts of the baden-Wuerttemberg state criminal police office have created on the basis of a testimony of a phantom image, as the investigators reported. The officials ask for the help of the population in the search for the alleged accomplice.

The search was also a guest at the Party in the Club in the Hans-Bunte-Strasse, in which the victim was on their alleged tormentors pushed. There is evidence that he, too, had passed to the woman, police said.

a Suspect after the rape in Freiburg in custody

The witness described the Suspect as 20 to 25 years old, 1.90 to 1.95 meters tall and muscular. He should have black on the sides, short shaved hair and a downwardly tapered Beard wearing.

the night of the Crime, the man was dressed in a tight-fitting, blue sweater, dark brown pants and black sports shoes.


The phantom image shows another – the eleventh – the Suspect in the case of the Freiburg group rape

©police headquarters in Freiburg

so Far, the police has taken in the case of ten Suspects. Eight Syrians at the age of 18 to 29 years, an 18-year-old Afghan and a 25-year-old German sitting all of them in custody. A majority of the alleged perpetrators, the police was already in front of the fact – partly because of multiple offenses.

questions and answers, group rape, drugs, rape, violence, and weapons – the world of the Suspect from Freiburg By Daniel Wüstenberg

police are continuing their investigations and evaluates more tracks, as well as lighter notes, a spokeswoman said. There may also be other perpetrators, in the meantime, the investigators were up to 15 Participants.

The rape on the night of 13. on the 14. October had caused nationwide horror and a debate both about the security situation in Freiburg, as well as offenders, refugees in Germany triggered. Most of the Suspects were seeking protection in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Freiburg-based criminal investigation Department has set up under the phone number (0761) 8825777 a Hotline for information on the searched-for eleventh Suspect.

source: police Presidium of Freiburg



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