In a sports hall in the münsterland Lengerich has been a hostage taking of an exercise group, with dozens of children and two adults. A single perpetrator had threatened the group, said a spokesman for the police in Münster on Monday evening. The Situation lasts about an hour, from 17.15 to about 18.20 PM. The alleged perpetrator was then been by the special forces. According to initial findings, no one was hurt.

In the gym should have been at the time of the act, 43 children and young people and 2 carers.

children and young people in care of the parent

Why the perpetrator took the children as hostages, and why he chose the sports hall, was not immediately known. In the evening the police reported that all children and young people are now in the care of their parents. The two women, the group managed, “apparently unharmed”. If necessary, the Concerned would be dealt with by the experts.


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