It is cool. The Thermometer showing just five degrees Celsius, and the dancers disappear from the Planet Hollywood Casino. At night, just before half past three on the legendary Las Vegas a lot going on the Strip – even in the middle of the week it is from the Billboards as bright as day and some of the cars in the traffic jam. Just a brightly-lit drives truck over Advertising, which attracts over a large area with scantily clad women and the slogan “your sweetest temptation”. The driver is looking at the ball round Egg on the right lane of Las Vegas, the eyes from the Strip and almost caused an accident. In the gambling metropolis, it is surrounded by the largest Hotels in the world, and their bright light to attract attention signs to be easy. In this night there are no film shootings for the latest Ocean’s-strips or the Hangover IV, but the first test drive with the Mercedes Vision Urbanetic attracts the party crowd on the Sidewalk.

Mercedes Vision Urbanetic: Mercedes-Taxi without a taxi driver at night on the Las Vegas Strip Fullscreen

Mercedes Vision Urbanetic – The interior is generous – not least because the driver falls that work with pedals, steering Wheel and Cockpit complete.

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At the IAA commercial vehicle show in the autumn of last year, the future celebrated study from Mercedes its Premiere. A 5,14 meters long and 2.33 meters high People Mover for the city centre, in the leaderless up to twelve persons to be transported. “The first idea of the vehicle we already had in the summer of 2017,” recalls project Manager Thomas Moser, “the design and then it took around four months to build the study ourselves.” The silver-black Egg-on-wheels in front of the Planet Hollywood at the height of the house number 3700. Is not stopped at the bus stop, which is located around 50 metres further on the road upward, but the Transport-Ufo from another world remains in a small Park Bay.

At the bus stop with the name “Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino” is one of the ticket machines. The Ticket cost for two hours, six dollars; for 24 hours it is just two dollars more. However, with the ever-popular RTC Transit Pass tonight, can’t do anything, because the future Mercedes is free. Now, where the giant LED-wall applies to the appearance of a nameless Comedians, and two patrol cars from the Aria entrance across roles, the maiden voyage without buying a ticket. Stop, door open, Boarding, close the door and continue North. Around the illuminated roof hatch, a LED will inform you in the car-tape the sights in the direct surroundings. Bellagio, Aria, Paris, and Treasure Island – we are finally in Las Vegas on the way to the ground at just after half past three. A dozen people would have a place in the People Mover – the Egg of the mobile future-Columbus is rolling with just two people is almost silent, the empty, expectant Strip up. Sitting comfortably on the red Pseudo-Sofa and enjoy the view. Slowly, the electric sets the vehicle is in motion and the obsolete silent for a Taxi, which advertises bright flashing of the nearby Avenger Station, which is in Treaure Island Casino one of the crowd attractions.

the actually Show is that night of the electric whirring Urbanetic, the Mercedes as Autonomous as he departs, only too happy in the series would bring. If and when – it is currently under construction. The exchange concept with a variable cabin makes the whole project expensive. “Therefore, the is not set up to date”, explains Thomas Moser. With its concept study, Mercedes wants to show how Goods, goods and people could be Autonomous without a driver, transported in cities. The technical Basis for future transportation is an oversized Skateboard, the handles by a few hand-with a Cargo or a passenger allows for module loading and on a Mercedes eVito is based. The Skateboard itself does not bear in his flat bottom of the battery package, but also the drive and all the technology that is needed for the safe Transport of. Is controlled by the module from a Central office, while a variety of Sensors and cameras ensures that the Mercedes Vision Urbanetic rubs me the wrong way in the hard traffic of everyday life nowhere.

“The Vision Urbanetic it is a completely new mobility concept, which is designed to the actual requirements as well as efficiency and sustainability,” explains Gerd Reichenbach, head of strategy at Mercedes Vans, “early in the morning and later in the afternoon, in the professional transport fleet can be equipped increasingly with the People Mover. At other times, the System could be used with a cargo module for the transport of goods. Due to the almost silent electrical drive, the System opens up additional options for the Late – night or delivery.” With the aerodynamically shaped persons-in module, such as here in Las Vegas upgraded, can carry the Vision Urbanetic in his capsule up to twelve persons, partly sitting, partly standing,. Can conceivably be used as a call taxi, bus or Ridesharing companies would be among other. The people don’t need to buckle up in the city area at speeds up to 60 km/h.

you can Order the fully electric personal transport easily via the App. To go without walking to a bus stop to pick up one of the Vision Urbanetic to your own front door and brings you to the S-Bahn station or to the airport – fully Autonomous and, depending on the service providers such as Uber, Lyft, or tomb, alone or in conjunction with others. The interior is spacious, not least because of the driver’s workplace is eliminated with pedals, steering Wheel and Cockpit complete. The possibilities of a concept of Vision Urbanetic, are on a comparatively small traffic area is virtually unlimited. Should be the Urbanetic then alone to Charge his Battery pack. As long as the legal circumstances in the public roads for Autonomous vehicles, stage five are not regulated, would be grounds for a large company in closed areas considerably earlier than the 2030s. Thomas Moser: “as a result, we could gain important experience.” And where better than in Las Vegas?

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