Heroes 30/01/20 “When “of Sanycha” be on hand”: why among the paratroopers there was this unwritten rule

hero of the Soviet Union and Russia, Colonel Nikolay Maidanov even during his lifetime became a legendary figure. Colleagues called together his Saanich (first name Sainovich Maidanov was).

He wanted in Afghanistan.

About the profession of pilot Nikolai Maidanov dreamed of since childhood. He graduated from the school DOSAAF, got my license truck driver, worked as a driver at the plant. In the army he was drafted into the tank corps. During the service of the Maidan self prepared and passed exams in the Saratov higher military aviation school.

After graduation, he served in Hungary. The wife of Nikolai Maidanov said that her husband really wanted to fly the Mi-8, constantly wrote about it reports command. In the end the Maidan asked me to send him to Afghanistan, where the Mi-8 at that time was actively used. Lieutenant Maidan began to serve in 181 th separate helicopter regiment stationed in Kunduz. The pilots covered columns, running from the Soviet Union into the Afghanistan and participated in the liquidation of armed groups. In Afghanistan “Saanich”, in his own words, learned to fly the Mi-8 for real.

Salvation is contrary to the order

one day in may 1987, in the Afghan province of Logar, a flight of two Mi-8 and two Mi-24, which was commanded by captain Maidan, returned to the base after landing near the village Abakan. Suddenly, communication with the pilots left the battalion landed commandos Anatoly Korchagin, reported that the spooks were too much, the forces are unequal (as it turned out, to 26, fighters of special troops have performed more than 100 “spirits”, and as much again in a hurry to them for help).

Maidanova was not allowed to go back for the Marines, but the captain of the “not heard” of the order because supposedly broken walkie-talkie and turned the element in the direction of the village. As recalled bycommander of the special forces reconnaissance Vasilii Savvin, the link maidanova two days covered the commandos from the air. For two days the battle of Maidan made 15 sorties and produced under dumanski fire 8 landings.

For violation of the order maidanova was suspended from flying and put under house arrest. Defended helicopter pilot saved them the commandos. Deputy commander of a separate helicopter squadron visited the site of the battle and reported to the command: the captain then took the only right decision and it deserves to be presented to the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union. But Maidan was reprimanded and the order of the red Star.

Fighters 668-th detachment of GRU special forces that saved the Maidan, called “hunters for caravans” – groups of spooks that carried from Pakistan into Afghanistan modern weapons and ammunition. They may 12, 1987, found and seized the largest in the history of the war in Afghanistan Abakanski caravan. How then told the commander 668-th detachment Anatoly Korchagin, captured from the “spirits” of weapons, including heavy, there was so much that it took a week.

the Maidan in Afghanistan visited twice, during my second tour he had saved the soldiers 668 th special forces unit. In 15 months of travel Nicholas Maidan dismantled 15 large convoys of Mujahideen and more than two dozen small groups of spooks carrying guns and ammo. Head maidanova “spirits” gave a million Afghani.

In July 1987, the link maidanova landed another landing special forces for inspection of the caravan. Helicopter pilots and special forces were ambushed, they were shot at. Maidan managed to overshadow his Mi-8 is a car wounded a slave Nikolai Kuznetsov (it is then counted 14 holes), ordered Kuznetsov to fly, and he took commandos. Helicopter maidanova do not get any punctures. The pilot began to consider by a spell.

In December 1987, near the village Harlandii “spirits” brought down the two helicopters with the special forces, 25 of the surviving Marines and crew introdor the fight with two hundred of the insurgents, among whom were Western instructors and an elite squad of the famous bombers of Pakistani “black storks”. Anatoly Korchagin recalled that the special forces then turned directly into the territory of the training base of the Mujahideen. To help the commandos a team of four Mi-8 and many Mi-24, which was commanded by capital Nikolay Maidanov. Surrounded by the fighters were small, on all sides, sweep, plateau. In the first Maidan flight landed 20 Marines with ammunition, took the wounded and the crews of the downed helicopters. In the second flight, collecting the living and the dead, Maidan refused to leave, when the Marines were missing one person. The last commando, stunned, eventually found, and on Board the Mi-8 were 35 people – a clear overload. “Chopper” the Mujahideen even stopped shelling, “spirits” thought that the machine will fall and be broken. But Maidan managed to bring the incident to the breakage of the Mi-8 from the peak and brought him to the base.

It was after this incident, the Marines decided at the meeting with the “Synicem” rock it on hand. For the feat Nikolay Maidanov was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union and order of Lenin.

the Last battle

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Nikolay Maidanov some time served in the Armed forces of Kazakhstan, then moved with his family to Russia. He served in the army land aviation, commanded a helicopter regiment. As the regimental commander of the helicopter pilots took part in the second Chechen campaign.
In late January 2000 a group of helicopters Nikolay Maidanov, vyshivanka troops in the district of Shatoi, came under fire. Maidanov was fatally wounded in the neck and heart, and at the base he was brought already dead. Maidanova posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia.

the Officer raised two sons, both of them soldiers.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

© Russian Seven

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